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Torin's Passage (;Mas'otav shel Torin;מסעותיו של טורין)  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1995 cdrom clickadventure fantasyworld fictionaluniverse hintsystem maleprotagonist
Blood II: The Chosen (Blood 2)  GT Interactive (Monolith Productions)1998 1life 2020s 21stcentury antiheroprotagonist armyofone assaultrifles beamweapons bleak blood-series cdrom city color-16bit cpu-586 cultists demons difficulty direct3d directx6 display-640x480 doors drm dualwielding earth electricweapons energyregen energyweapons evilisgood eviloverlord firearms firstpersonshooter flaregun future gog gore handguns hearts hintsystem insaneprotagonist knives lithtechengine magicweapons malevolentprotagonist mediaindrive milessound mp-dm museum neutralnpcs noports personalquest rewardingvandalism safedisc sciencefantasy singularitydevices sourcecodeavailable steampowered submachineguns swrender unrestrictedviolence unusualprotagonist urbanfantasy voiceovers walking walkingarmory win-16b-installer win95 win98
RoboBlitz  Naked Sky Entertainment (Naked Sky Entertainment)2006 demo difficulty dodging doors doors-automatic elevators grappling hintsystem improvisedweapons interactivetriggers interlinkedlevels jumping langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad physics physx proceduraltexturing robotprotagonist robots shadermodel3 steampowered steamworks stunning substanceair tutorial unrealengine3 upgradesystem walking
Zen of Sudoku  Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Unknown Worlds Entertainment)2006 bass demo directx7 download hintsystem impersonal logicpuzzle popcapframework quitsave steampowered sudoku traditional vorbis xml
Iji  Remar Games (Remar Games)2008 1life actionadventure adv-ptdistr alieninvasion aliens alternatesolutions apocalyptic beamweapons bossbattles branchingstory colorcodednpcs cyborgprotagonist cyborgs diaries difficulty difficultyspike doors download driving earth eastereggs elevators energyweapons entangled fallbackweapon fallimpact femaleprotagonist firearms gamemaker hacking harmfultouch hintsystem indoors interfacespoilers interspecificconflict invasion jumping knockback ledges machineguns morphingequipment multitools nanotechnology necessaryevil nofalldamage nonhumanrights nonlinear noports npcstrife npcteleporting oneofakind opponentpowerdisplay pacifism peeking polyplopicenemies posthumans powerups precursors reluctanthero robots rockets rooftops savepoints serious shotguns soldiers spacecraft-location superjump superstrength teleport teleporters titlementioned titularcharacter trampling turrets tutorial ultraterrestrials unarmedfighting universallanguage unnecessarykilling unwantedresponsibility walking weakhumans win2k win98 winnt4 winvista winxp worms xp-drops xp-objects
So Blonde  Eidos Interactive;Anaconda (Wizarbox)2008 clickadventure earlymodern-theme forest hintsystem hoarding island jungle map rating-pegi-12 soblonde-series
Mirror's Edge  Electronic Arts (EA Digital Illusions CE)2009 1life aaa actionadventure airducts aspectratio-16-9 bright bullettime city colorful constructionsite cpplanguage deathpits difficulty directx9 disarming disposableweapons doors download drm drm-activation dvd dystopian elevators environmentalcontact femaleprotagonist fullbodyawareness healthregen healthregen-fast helicopters hintsystem humblebundle interactionhighlight jumping ladders ledges legaldisputes letterbox lutris nohud openal openended outlawprotagonist overpowered parkour physx quicktimeevent retrypoints rooftops securom securom7 securompa serious shadermodel3 skipnoninteractive speedbuildup subway suppression timlangdell titlementioned treachery tutorial unarmedfighting unwieldyweapons uvl-missingimages vibrant vorbis walking wallrunning winvista winxp wxwidgets
Mini Ninjas  Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive)2009 adv-static ancientenemy animals autosavepoints avianoids balancebeams bludgeons boating bombs bossbattles bows caltrops captives castle cave characterswitch chemistry claws colorcodednpcs controlconfig deathpits demo difficulty difficulty-ingame dodging download dvd energyregen fishing flood forest ghosts gianthumanoids hintsystem invisiblewalls japanese-theme ledges lighthearted magic meleeweapons mountain multilingual mystics nature-theme ninja ninja-theme ninjaprotagonist nofalldamage objectiveindicator openal openended opponentpowerdisplay playerprofiles polearms possession premadecharacters projectiledeflection quicktimeevent rewardingvandalism river rooftops ruins samurai savepoints secrets shallowwater shopping silentprotagonist skipnoninteractive sledding smokegrenades sorcery speech-japanese stamina stealth stunning superdeformed swimming swords thrownweapons titularcharacter town tutorial unusualprotagonist uvl-releases vernal walking walljumping wallrunning warriorprotagonist widescreen wintery xp-kills
Batman: Arkham Asylum  Eidos Interactive;Konami;Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (Rocksteady Studios)2009 achievements achievements-public achillesheelfoes actionadventure aimmode airducts arkhamcombat autosavepoints batman batman-arkham biogrowth bossbattles challenges chargers collectibles constrainedlocale cpplanguage dccomics directx9 distortedvision dodging download drm drm-activation drm-changed dvd earth famousprotagonist fictionallocation gadgets gianthumanoids giantmonsters gliding glowingveins grappling grapplinghook hallucinations hintsystem hypermuscles insaneasylum island itemglow ledges lunatics lutris map metroidvania mode-challenge monsters museum neutralnpcs nonlethal nonlinear northamerica npcanxiety nvapex openended outlaws personalquest physx plantcreatures postcombatrestoration prison rating-esrb-t recurringopponent roguesgallery secrets securom securompa serialkey serious sewers skipnoninteractive ssao stealth steampowered steamworks stereoscopic thrownweapons titularcharacter titularlocale unarmedfighting unrealengine3 upgrades-permanent upgradesystem uvl-tiein vigilanteprotagonist walking weirdvision widescreen windowslive winvista winxp wxwidgets ziplines
Machinarium  Amanita Design (Amanita Design )2009 aftertheend clickadventure demo download flash hintsystem hoarding humblebundle indie industrial-setting inventory lang-pictographic langinsignificant machinecivilization minigames puppetanimation robotprotagonist robots
Everyday Genius: SquareLogic  MumboJumbo (TrueThought)2009 achievements achievements-public demo download hintsystem math rating-esrb-e saveonline steampowered steamworks
Big Brain Wolf  Frima Studio (Frima Studio)2009 achievements achievements-public animalpeople anthroprotagonist canidaeprotagonist grimmsfairytales hintsystem steampowered steamworks
The Tudors  Merscom;Avanquest Software (Daedalic Entertainment)2010 britain directx8 espionage france hiddenobject hintsystem italy spain tvseries
Darkness Within: The Dark Lineage (Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage)  Iceberg Interactive (Zoetrope Interactive)2010 2010s aspectratio-4-3 autumnal containers cpage-engine dark-limited darknesswithin-series depthfog dialog-sentences difficulty dilapidated dustmotes earth fictionallocation fog frozentime graybrown hintsystem hotel inventory investigation jumping lamp lipsync mansion physx titlementioned town tutorial walking weather-persistent wintery
Jolly Rover  Brawsome (Brawsome)2010 achievements achievements-public alcohol animalpeople anthroprotagonist autosavepoints canidaeprotagonist caninoids clickadventure collectibles gameprogress hintsystem inventory license-crossplatform maleprotagonist pirate-theme pirates secrets steampowered steamworks titlementioned titularcharacter titularobject voodoo
Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge  LucasArts (LucasArts)2010 caribbean clickadventure deathless earlymodern-theme hintsystem hoarding island lutris monkeyisland pirate-theme pirates rating-pegi-12 sailing steampowered undead voodoo
Puzzle Quest 2  Namco Networks America (Infinite Interactive)2010 1on1 achievements achievements-public activeabilityset adv-ptdistr adv-static amoeboids animals aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 automap autosavepoints axes basilisks bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-slots castle cave cemetery centauroids challenges classbased classbasedeq cockatrices consistentdamage cpplanguage damageovertime deathless demons difficulty directx9 dragons dwarves elves energyitems energytypes equallyablenpcs evilbydefault extraturns fantasyworld felinoids fictionaluniverse firearms firearms-early fmod gelatinouscubes genderchoice ghosts gianthumanoids giantmonsters giants goblinoids goblins handguns healingitems hellhounds hintsystem indicator-poi inventory jewelry laboratory levelcap liches limitedcapacity loot-unexpected magic manaburn map match3 medieval meleeweapons mine minigames monsters mummies mystics naga namegenerator necromancers neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nonserious obsoletedassets ogres optionaltasks orcs owlbears playerprofiles playerstats polearms portals postcombatrestoration potions protagonistnaming puzzlequest-series quitsave rakshasa rating-esrb-e10 respec ruins sauroids shariki-like shields shopping singlecontroller singlesave skeletons soldiers sorcery steampowered steamworks stunning subterranean swords tasktracker temple title-static town toxins trolls tutorial tutorial-forced tutorial-noninteractive undead undeadmonsters upgradesystem ursines vampires visualmatching volcanic weefolk werewolves widescreen wintery wolves xml xp-deeds xp-kills
ArcaniA - A Gothic Tale (ArcaniA - Gothic 4;Готика 4: Аркания)  JoWood Productions (Spellbound Entertainment)2010 1life 2hmeleeweapons achillesheelfoes acid adv-ptdistr adv-static anatomicdamage ancientenemy animals armyofone automap autosavepoints axes ballistics blocking bludgeons bodyarmor bows burrowers canyon capacity-unlimited castle cave changinggoals chargedattack chargers chargingweapons chemistry circadiancycle city civilianprotagonist compass containers cooking corpselooting cpplanguage crafting crafting-simple crepuscularrays crossbows cryokinesis crystalentities crystals cultists deadlywater demo demonicmenace demons difficulty difficulty-ingame directx9 dock dodging doors drm drm-activation dualism dvd dynamicweather electrokinesis energyregen eviloverlord falldamage forcefields forest giantbeetles gianthumanoids giantlizards giants giantworms goblinoids goblins golems gothic-series graverobbing healingitems heathaze herbs hintsystem hive hostilewildlife inorganics insectoids interactivedialogs inventory invisiblewalls island itemglow jewelry jumping keys knockdown leveluprestoration lockpicking lunatics magic magicrings medieval meleeweapons mine minimap mining monsters mountain mystics namelessprotagonist necklaces neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nohealthregen objectiveindicator obstacletranslucification openended openworld optionaltasks orcs orphanprotagonist outlaws physx playerexposition polearms potions premadeprotagonist prophecy pyrokinesis quickkeys rain recurrence-character refugees revenge roadsigns ruins rural safeledges safepowers sauroids saveanywhere scavenging scientists securompa selfupdate sequelhook serialkey shadermodel3 shallowwater shields shore skeletons soldiers sorcery spectacularforce spectres splatter ssao steampowered subtitlediscrepancy swarmers sweepingstrikes swords targetlock tasktracker teleporters threatdisplay town tropic tutorial tutorial-integrated undead unusualprotagonist visionengine walking war weathereffects wetland wildlife winvista winxp woundless xp-deeds xp-kills youngadultprotagonist zombies
The Ball  Tripwire Interactive (Teotl Studios)2010 1940s achievements achievements-public actionadventure ancientmachines archeologistprotagonist autosavepoints bossbattles cave commercialized cpplanguage curiosity deathfakers directionalforce directionalforce-current directionalforce-tilt directx9 earth elevators envcombat environmentalpuzzle eternalfires fov-horizontal gorillas hintsystem humanoids inbuilttraps interactivetriggers isolatedlocale jumping keycodes knockback low-g magic mexico mode-survival monsters mummies netframework nofalldamage nvapex oddappliances physics physx primates repulsion retrypoints river ruins secrets shallowwater splatter steampowered steamworks stranded subterranean swimming theunnamed titlementioned titularobject tropic undead underwaterdiving unrealdevkit unrealengine3 variablegravity volcanic volcano walking
RUSH  Two Tribes (Two Tribes)2010 achievements achievements-public grid grid-square hintsystem indie logicpuzzle playerprofiles spatiallogic steampowered steamworks transportpuzzle tutorial
UnEpic  author (author)2011 ♫takefive 1life achillesheelfoes acid adv-ptdistr amoeboids antiheroprotagonist automap autosavepoints autosaves-periodic axes backstabbing backtracking bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bossmeter bows burning captives carnivorousplants castle cave cemetery chemistry civilianprotagonist clingers constrainedlocale counselor crafting-sites criticalchance damageinfo damageovertime damagetypes dark demo desura difficulty displacementfiction doors draganddrop dragons drm drm-activation edgescroll elementals elevators elves falseending fasttravel-points fauns floatingeyes freezing fromanotherworld gelatinouscubes gems giantants giantgastropods giantinsects giantsnakes giantspiders giantworms goblinoids goblins gog grapplers graverobbing heads healingitems healingstations healthdrops healthwarning hintsystem hitmoderation inbuilttraps indie inventory inventory-supplies invisiblefoes itemgenerator jumping karmiccreatures keys knights knives knockback knockbackwards laboratory ladders lamp langhungarian library loot-random magic magic-ingredients magicrings mapannotation meleeweapons metagaming metroidvania mine moaifigures monsters mystics necromancers neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nofalldamage nonlinear npcdisarming npchealing npcspawning obsoletedassets optionaltasks orcs pet playerstats polearms portals potions premadeprotagonist pressureplates prison quickkeys recallportal respec rewardingvandalism robots roombased savepoints scientists score secrets serialkey sewers sex shallowwater shopping skeletons skillbasedeq sorcery spawners statuseffects stealingnpcs steampowered strangebedfellows suicideattackers supportnpcs swords tasktracker teleport teleporting temporarycompanions tentaclecreatures toxins tutorial undead undefinedelements volcanic vorbis walking wallcrawlers wands xp-kills ziplines
Trine 2  Frozenbyte (Frozenbyte)2011 3ormoreplayers achievements achievements-public actionadventure adv-ptdistr autosavepoints ballistics bioluminescence blocking bludgeons bossbattles bows carnivorousplants castle characterswitch charging collectibles colorful contrasted crepuscularrays deadlydecor disappearingplatforms dragons elasticsurfaces elevators envcombat evilgenius femaleprotagonist forest fxaa ghosts giantgastropods giantmonsters giantspiders goblinoids goblins grapplinghook hapticfeedback hintsystem indie instantkillers interactivetriggers inventory juggernauts jumping jumppads launcher lethalobjects license-crossplatform magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons minibosses mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mp-mixed multikeyboard multipointer newgameplus physics playerexposition portals puzzlebosses rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 retrypoints ropeswinging rotatingplatforms saveanywhere scenic secrets shields sorcery steampowered steamworks stereoscopic subterranean swimming swords telekinesis tentaclecreatures thrownweapons titlementioned titularobject trine-series trineverse undead underwaterdiving unlimitedammo vibrant voicechat walking wallcrawlers waterjumping wetland xp-kills xp-objects
Charlaine Harris: Dying For Daylight  Mastertronic Group Limited (Nikitova Games)2012 circus femaleprotagonist hiddenobject hintsystem parrot pigs pirates usa vampires
MacGuffin's Curse  Ayopa Games (Brawsome)2012 autosavepoints environmentalpuzzle grid grid-square hintsystem outlawprotagonist roombased runningcommentary shapeshifting steampowered thiefprotagonist werewolves
Unmechanical Teotl Studios (Talawa Games)2012 autozoom dark-limited demo environmentalpuzzle gog hintsystem interactivetriggers lamp lang-pictographic langhungarian langturkish physics pressureplates pseudo3d robotprotagonist steampowered