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Firestorm author (author)? 1life 3ormoreplayers bombs chainreactions free2play instantdeath timeouthunter uvl-confusable walking win95
Minesweeper (Démineur)  Microsoft (Microsoft;Oberon Media;I-Play)1995 blackbox instantdeath logicpuzzle minesweeper packin singlechallenge windowed
Raiden II  GameBank (Seibu Kaihatsu;Kinesoft Development)1997 bossbattles energyweapons homingmissiles instantdeath lives raiden smartbomb
Manic Miner Retrospec (Retrospec)1998 claiming disappearingplatforms falldamage free2play harmfultouch instantdeath keyboard license-proprietary lives timelimit uvl-confusable walking willyminer win95 windowed
Enemy Zero  Sega;Explosive-Software (Warp)1998 1life aliens amnesia directx5 femaleprotagonist instantdeath limitedsaves savetokens shokutaku spacestation
Jet Set Willy  Retrospec (Andy Noble)1999 claiming disappearingplatforms falldamage harmfultouch instantdeath jetsetwilly lives timelimit walking willyminer
Plasmaworm  Cheapass Games (Digital Eel)2001 directx6 instantdeath licensechange savepassword score snakegame wormprotagonist worms
Spout  - (-)2002 clanguage destructibleenvironment instantdeath physics sdl timelimit windowed
Road Fighter (Roadfighter;Road Fighter Remake) Brain Games (Brain Games)2003 car difficulty driving earth fuel harmfultouch instantdeath landvehicle langinsignificant latemodernperiod motorracing motorsport naturalistic present score sdl traffic wheeledvehicle
Manic Miner  Retrospec (Retrospec)2004 claiming disappearingplatforms falldamage harmfultouch instantdeath lives timelimit walking willyminer
Another World (Another World 15th Anniversary Edition;Another World 20th Anniversary Edition)  Lexicon Entertainment (author;DotEmu)2006 achievements activationlimit aimdirlimit alienplanet anotherworld cinematicplatformer controllablehelplessness descriptivedeaths difficulty displacementfiction download drm drm-activation elevators energyweapons fromanotherworld instantdeath jumping lifelikemotion maleprotagonist noaircontrol nohud rotoscoping scientistprotagonist serialkey sessilecreatures steamworks stranded titularlocale uvl-releases winxp
Barbie Seahorse Adventures  Imitation Pickles (Imitation Pickles)2007 animalprotagonist defenseless download fishprotagonist instantdeath pixelated pygame pythonlanguage sdl
Bullet Candy  R C Knight (R C Knight)2008 achievements achievements-public arcade arenashooter aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 download independentaim instantdeath lives lutris netranking score scoremultipliers scoreoriented steampowered steamworks waves widescreen
I Wanna Be The Guy (IWBTG;I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game)  Kayin (Kayin)2008 cultfollowing deadlydecor fakesurfaces hard instantdeath invisibleplatforms metagaming multimediafusion platformhell precisionplatformer teenprotagonist
And Yet It Moves  Broken Rules (Broken Rules)2009 achievements achievements-public animateobjectprotagonist anthropomorphicobjectprotagonist autosavepoints clanguage deathbarriers defenseless demo disappearingplatforms download falldamage ginkgoengine handdrawn humblebundle instantdeath midastouch netranking opengl papery physics playerprofiles puzzleplatformer rating-esrb-e retrypoints singlecontroller skeletalanimation spinninglevels spokenonomatopoeia steampowered steamworks surreal torque2d trampolines widescreen worldrotation
Tinker  Microsoft (Fuel Games)2009 achievements achievements-public download falldamage grid grid-square instantdeath robotprotagonist teleporters tutorial windowed windowslive
Knight Lore  RetroSpec (RetroSpec)2010 fangame harmfultouch instantdeath involuntarystates knightlorelike lives roombased sabreman shapeshifting werewolves
VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2010 aircontrol deadlydecor deathpits demo disappearingplatforms gravitycontrol humblebundle instantdeath movingplatforms music-chiptune precisionplatformer retro retrypoints retrypoints-rollback
Toki Tori  Two Tribes (Two Tribes)2010 achievements achievements-public aimdirlimit anthroprotagonist argevent birdprotagonist chapterreplay chapterskip claiming cpplanguage cryogenicweapons deadends grid grid-micro harmfultouch instantdeath ladders leveleditor nofalldamage nojumping rating-esrb-e shallowwater steampowered steamworks teleporting undo
Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time  Stickmen Studios (Stickmen Studios)2010 achievements achievements-public antiheroprotagonist capacity-unlimited deadlywater disappearingplatforms driving environmentalpuzzle falldamage fallimpact foolishprotagonist gliding instantdeath knockdown npcfriendlyfire parallaxscrolling puzzleplatformer rating-esrb-e rotatingplatforms scientistprotagonist steampowered steamworks titularcharacter titularobject trampling undo vehicleflip
Lode Runner Retro author (author)2011 claiming difficulty digging harmfultouch instantdeath java ladders langinsignificant leveleditor license-proprietary lives loderunner monkeybars nofalldamage retro score subterranean tilebased trapping walking
Trino  LoadComplete (Trinoteam)2011 achievements achievements-public alienprotagonist harmfultouch instantdeath lives nanotechnology netframework nonhumanprotagonist nonstandardcontroller score singlecontroller steampowered steamworks timelimit x360pad xnaframework
LIMBO  Playdead (Playdead)2011 achievements achievements-public alone aspectratio-16-9 cave chapterreplay childprotagonist cinematicplatformer controlmalfunction dark dark-limited deadlydecor deadlywater deathpits deathtraps defenseless demo directx9 environmentalpuzzle falldamage fallimpact filmgrain forest giantinsects giantspiders gibs gloomy glowingeyes grantfunded indie industrial-setting insectoids instantdeath instantstart interactivetriggers inversekinematics ladders langchinesetrad langinsignificant ledges letterbox metagaming mindcontrol minecarts nohud nordicgameprogram overgrowth physics pressureplates rain retrypoints retrypoints-rollback rooftops ropeswinging ruins sequence-timed sessilecreatures shadermodel3 shallowwater silentprotagonist silhouetted skeletalanimation steampowered steamworks turrets
Warp  EA Partners (Trapdoor)2012 alienprotagonist antimagiczones autosavepoints bossbattles canadamediafund challenges decoys drm drm-login drm-online ea-origin gibs grotesque humanmenace instantdeath juggernauts keyboard mundanedangers predefinedcontrols pressureplates puzzlebosses rating-pegi-18 researchfacility retrypoints scientists sequence-escape serialkey singlecontroller soldiers splatter stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered telefrag teleport teleporting undefinedelements upgradesystem visiblelasers x360pad
Dynamite Jack  Hassey Enterprises (Hassey Enterprises)2012 bombs collectibles crystals dark-limited destructibleenvironment escape instantdeath keys lamp levelselection mine missionreset netranking opengl overpowered remotedetonators score sdl stealth stealth-sight unlimitedammo vorbis