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PokerGirls Video Strip Poker S8 Entertainment (S8 Entertainment)2000 langnorse langportuguese nudity poker poker-5card poker-draw strippoker
Orbital Gear Night Node Software (Night Node Software)2014 download indie langbrazil-port langportuguese mecha mp-assault mp-dm mp-teams mp-versus steampowered unity-engine
LASTFIGHT Piranaking (Piranaking)2016 3ormoreplayers comic download europeancomic indie langbrazil-port langchinesesimpl langportuguese license-proprietary mp-cooperative steampowered
GoNNER (GoNNER: Press Jump to Die Edition) Raw Fury (Art in Heart)2016 commercial download gog indie langnorse langportuguese license-proprietary nodrm permadeath steampowered
Faeria  Abrakam (Abrakam)2017 cardbattle cards collectiblecardgame commercial download free2play grid grid-hex langportuguese license-proprietary steampowered
Immortal Redneck Crema (Crema)2017 ancientegypt bloodless chromaticaberration damageflicker download filmgrain firearms firstpersonshooter fovoption grenadelaunchers handguns jumping langbrazil-port langportuguese ledges loot-random machineguns minimap monsters motionblur paidkilling roguelite rotaryguns shotguns steamcontroller steampowered titularcharacter twitchtv walking x86-64