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EVE Online (星战前夜)  CCP Games;CDC Games (CCP Games)2003 afterburner afterearth alphastrike autopilot backgroundprogress bink bountyhunting bountyplacing capacity-volume cargojettisoning characterbackground clansystem color-24bit color-32bit contracting corporatewarfare corpselooting cpplanguage damagedropoff damagetypes decomposing directx10 directx9 download dronebays enemyhealthdisplay energyregen energyshields energyweapons escapecapsule eve-universe excessivewaiting extraterrestrial factions freelancing future genderchoice grouping hdrlighting headtracking implants ingamebrowser inventory inventory-vehicles lightbloom limitedcapacity logitech-g19 manufacturing marketfluctuation megacorps minions mmog moderationbenefit mp3 naming naming-vehicles openpvp openworld optimalrange optionaltasks playereconomy playergoverned posthumans prospecting protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face pve pvp pvpfocus pythonlanguage radialmenu randomdamage repairing resourceharvesting reverseengineering rockets rp-levelless sandbox screenshake shadermodel2 shadermodel3 shopping skillbasedeq space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacefaringage spacelanes stacsim stash targetlock targetlock-multi tasktracker trackir trading tutorial undirected vehiclecustomization warptravel waypoints widescreen win2k winvista winxp wreckage xp-idle