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I Wanna Save the Kids (IWSTK)  Kayin (Kayin)? precisionplatformer
I Wanna Be The Guy (IWBTG;I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The Game)  Kayin (Kayin)2008 cultfollowing deadlydecor fakesurfaces hard instantdeath invisibleplatforms metagaming multimediafusion platformhell precisionplatformer teenprotagonist
VVVVVV  Distractionware (Distractionware)2010 aircontrol deadlydecor deathpits demo disappearingplatforms gravitycontrol humblebundle instantdeath movingplatforms music-chiptune precisionplatformer retro retrypoints retrypoints-rollback
I Wanna Be The Fangame  tijital-games (tijital-games)2010 deadlydecor gamemaker hard iwbte metagaming platformhell precisionplatformer
Super Meat Boy (SMB)  Team Meat (Team Meat)2010 aircontrol argevent aspectratio-16-9 bossbattles cartoonviolence deadlydecor deadlysides deathpits did disappearingplatforms epicgamesstore ghostrace humblebundle letterbox leveleditor nonhumanprotagonist nonstandardcontroller precisionplatformer predefinedcontrols rating-esrb-t replays rescue score singlecontroller supermeatboy surreal titularcharacter ugc unlockable-characters walljumping x360pad
Alien Spidy  Kalypso Media Digital (Enigma SP)2013 arachnidprotagonist chapterreplay chapterreplay-superseding chapterskip deadlywater disappearingplatforms grapplinghook instantdeath jumppads powerups precisionplatformer retrypoints ropeswinging score scoreloss scoreoriented steampowered unlimitedlives
Electronic Super Joy  Michael Todd Games (Michael Todd Games)2013 deathpits directx9 environment-busy falloffdeath glowingeyes instantdeath jumppads music-edm music-electronic offscenedeath pixelated portals precisionplatformer retrypoints silhouetted slipperysurfaces swayinglevels teleport tutorial unlimitedlives walljumping