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Earth 2140  Topware Interactive;Interplay (Reality Pump Studios)1997 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth earth-series finiteresources future langturkish mecha postapocalypse rating-pegi-12 resourcecrisis steampowered vehicledesigning
Earth 2140: Mission Pack 1 Topware Interactive;Interplay (Topware Interactive)1998 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth-series future rating-pegi-12 steampowered vehicledesigning
Earth 2140: Mission Pack 2 - Final Conflict Topware Interactive;Interplay (Topware Interactive)1998 2140s 22ndcentury basebuilding earth-series future rating-pegi-12 steampowered vehicledesigning
Final Fantasy VII (FF7;Final Fantasy 7)  Eidos;Square Enix (Square;Square Enix)1998 activetimebattle airship amusementpark armcannons asymmetriccreatures bookends bossbattles buggy chakrams childsoldiers city cockatrices combatmode curseditems death disproportionateretribution dragons dragons-western dystopian elevatorbattle encounters-random enemyscan energyitems excavation fantasyworld ff-gaia fictionaluniverse finalfantasy firearms fistloads flashbacks giantbirds giantsnakes gouraudshading group-subset healingitems home insectoids inventory killerrabbits lostcity megacorps meleeweapons mindcontrol minigames moaifigures mothernature mountain oddappliances polearms premadeprotagonist prerenderedbackgrounds prerenderedcinematics ragtaggang rating-pegi-12 resting robots savepoints shopping slums snowboard socketables soldiers spectres statuseffects staves steampowered submarine suicideattackers summoning swords testudines thrownweapons truemotion2 unreliablenarrator unusualmounts uvl-missingimages vibroweapons vitalism watercraft-location wetland wintery xp-kills youngadultprotagonist
Thandor (Thandor - The Invasion) Innonics;JoWooD Productions (Planet 4)1999 rating-pegi-12
Black Moon Chronicles (Chroniques de la Lune Noire;Chroniken des Schwarzen Mondes) Cryo Interactive;Microids (Cryo Interactive)1999 comic europeancomic gog leveleditor rating-pegi-12 realtimestrategy steampowered undead veterancy
Thief Gold (Dark Project - Der Meisterdieb: Directors Cut Premier Collection)  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)1999 antiheroprotagonist backstabbing ballistics bodydragging bookends bows cemetery chrysopoeia city clambering clandestine clockpunk criminalactivity dark darkengine distracting doors eavesdropping espionage falldamage forgetfulenemies ghosts giantinsects giantspiders graverobbing harmonyvsdiscipline haunting hiding holstering immersivesim indicator-visibility killingblow lawenforcers leaning leveleditor lightdousing lockpicking lowfantasy magic mansion medieval meleeweapons mystics oldfaith outlawprotagonist overpowered pagans pain permanentcorpses pickpocketing rating-pegi-12 rescue sentientartefact sequelhook serious spectres stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steampunk strangebedfellows stunning stunning-moderate stunprods subterranean swords systemsdriven temple thief-series thiefprotagonist titlementioned titularcharacter undead unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist uvl-confusable voiceovers zombies
Thief II: The Metal Age (Thief 2;Dark Project II: The Metal Age;Dark Project II: L'Age de Métal)  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)2000 1life alarmers antiheroprotagonist archaictechnology backstabbing ballistics bloodmoon bodydragging bows cemetery chrysopoeia city clambering clandestine clockpunk dark darkengine detectors distracting doors druids eavesdropping espionage eviloverlord factory falldamage forest forgetfulenemies hiding holstering immersivesim indicator-visibility intermissions jumping killingblow leveleditor lightdousing lockpicking lowfantasy mansion medieval meleeweapons missionbased noncombpenalty nontolkienian oldfaith oldskoolsurveillance outlawprotagonist overpowered pagans pain permanentcorpses pickpocketing rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 remotecamera rescue rooftops schism secretfacility serious stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steampunk strangebedfellows stunning stunning-moderate stunprods swords systemsdriven technofantasy technology-theme telescope temple thief-series thiefprotagonist titularcharacter unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist voiceovers watercraft-location
Ground Control (GC;地面控制)  Havas Interactive;Sierra On-Line;Rebellion (Massive Entertainment)2000 25thcentury 3rdmillennium aerodyne alientechnology cdrom control-groups corporatewarfare directx7 download extraterrestrial facing formations friendlyfire future gog groundcontrol-series infantry intermissions landvehicle leaderparticipation licensechange militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased norecruiting noreinforcements otherworld rating-pegi-12 serious spacefaringage steampowered tactical tutorial uvl-releases voiceovers weaponsplatforms
Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy  Sierra Entertainment;Rebellion (High Voltage Software;Massive Entertainment)2000 25thcentury aerodyne cdrom control-groups directx7 download extraterrestrial facing formations friendlyfire future gog groundcontrol-series infantry landvehicle militantprotagonist militaryfiction norecruiting noreinforcements otherworld rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 spacefaringage steampowered tactical uvl-releases weaponsplatforms win95
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns  Strategy First (TimeGate Studios)2001 companyfirstgame fogofwar kohan-series rating-pegi-12 steampowered
Kohan: Ahriman's Gift (Kohan: Battles of Ahriman)  Strategy First (TimeGate Studios)2001 kohan-series rating-pegi-12 steampowered
The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle (KOF'02;KOF 2002) SNK Playmore (SNK Playmore)2002 rating-cero-b rating-pegi-12
The I of the Dragon (Глаз дракона;Glaz drakona)  Strategy First;Akella;TopWare Interactive (Primal Software)2002 1life alternatingprotagonist bossbattles breathweapons demons devouring directx8 dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western drm fantasyworld fictionaluniverse grappling healthdrops healthregen hoverflight hunger lasthope lastofakind magic monsters mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons premadecharacters rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 serious sorcery sourcecodemissing starforce steampowered summoning widescreen
Final Fantasy XI (Final Fantasy Online;Fainaru Fantajī Irebun;ファイナルファンタジーXI)  Square Enix (Square)2002 aybabtu chakrams classbased deathpenalty directinput directx8 elves felinoids finalfantasy jobsystem magic mmog rating-pegi-12 thrownweapons unknownpast uvl-missingimages
Outlaw Golf (Гольф: Бешеные клюшки)  Simon & Schuster;TDK (Hypnotix)2003 cdrom golf outlawsports-series rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12
Nosferatu: Wrath of Malachi  iGames Publishing;KISS Ltd (Idol FX)2003 castle compass earth europe firearms rating-pegi-12 rescue romania steampowered transylvania unarmedfighting vampires
Warlords IV: Heroes of Etheria (Warlords 4)  Ubisoft;Wendros;Ubi Soft (Infinite Interactive)2003 rating-pegi-12 warlords-series
XIII (13;Thirteen)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Paris)2003 1life ammomagazines amnesia cdrom city crates crossbows directx8 drm europeancomic firearms firstpersonshooter gameplayinn handguns inertscenery lostequipment maleprotagonist meatshield militarybase naturalistic rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 rating-usk-16 safedisc serious shore soundlocator titlementioned titularcharacter unrealengine unrealengine2 win2k win98 wintery winxp
Sonic Adventure DX (Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut;ソニックアドベンチャー デラックス)  Sega (Sonic Team)2003 rating-pegi-12 sonic
KnightShift (Knight Shift;Polanie II)  Dreamcatcher;TopWare Interactive (Reality Pump Studios)2003 rating-pegi-12 steampowered
Spells of Gold 1C Company;Oxygen Interactive (Jonquil Software)2004 directx7 magic medieval rating-pegi-12 rural shopping win95 win98
Star Wars: Battlefront (星球大战:前线)  LucasArts (Pandemic Studios)2004 beamweapons commercial directx9 dolbydigital driving dvd firstpersonshooter keyboard langchinesesimpl license-proprietary matchmakingrating mouse multivehicular pentium3 pentium4 rating-pegi-12 shadermodel1 sharedlives starwars swbattlefront treetoptown uvl-confusable uvl-tiein walking win98 winvista winxp zero-engine
Kohan II: Kings of War (Kohan 2)  Global Star Software (TimeGate Studios)2004 gamebryoengine kohan-series rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 steampowered
American McGee's Scrapland (American McGee presents: Scrapland)  Enlight (MercurySteam Entertainment)2004 1life actionadventure cdrom detectivemystery directx8 download earth future futureearth machineworld rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 robotprotagonist robots titlementioned uvl-missingimages voiceovers