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rComplex  author (author)2009 competitionentry endlessrunner panda3d pythonlanguage rapiddevelopment silhouetted vorbis
Lunnye Devitsy (Lunnye Devitsy 2013)  Boss Baddie (Boss Baddie)2010 alienprotagonist claiming deathless explorationgame jumppads loadless nomenu openworld pressureplates puzzleplatformer seamlessworld selfluminance silhouetted subterranean undirected walking
NightSky  Nicalis (Nicalis)2011 animateobjectprotagonist autosavepoints humblebundle igfnominee indie langinsignificant music-jazz physics puzzleplatformer retrypoints rolling silhouetted tutorial tutorial-noninteractive windmills windy
LIMBO  Playdead (Playdead)2011 achievements achievements-public alone aspectratio-16-9 cave chapterreplay childprotagonist cinematicplatformer controlmalfunction dark dark-limited deadlydecor deadlywater deathpits deathtraps defenseless demo directx9 environmentalpuzzle falldamage fallimpact filmgrain forest giantinsects giantspiders gibs gloomy glowingeyes grantfunded indie industrial-setting insectoids instantdeath instantstart interactivetriggers inversekinematics ladders langchinesetrad langinsignificant ledges letterbox metagaming mindcontrol minecarts nohud nordicgameprogram overgrowth physics pressureplates rain retrypoints retrypoints-rollback rooftops ropeswinging ruins sequence-timed sessilecreatures shadermodel3 shallowwater silentprotagonist silhouetted skeletalanimation steampowered steamworks turrets
Fowl Space  Pixelante Game Studios (Pixelante Game Studios)2012 adobeair silhouetted steampowered
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (ITSP)  Microsoft Studios (Shadow Planet Productions;Fuelcell Games;Gagne International)2012 alienprotagonist amoeboids autosavepoints backtracking collectibles depthoffield directx9 energyweapons flyingsaucers grapplers hapticfeedback healingstations healthpickups langinsignificant metroidvania mp-cooperative nohumans otherworld radialmenu rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-7 silhouetted steampowered tentaclecreatures underwater unlimitedammo windowslive winvista winxp x360pad
Deadlight  Microsoft Studios (Tequila Works)2012 1980s 20thcentury aimmode alternatetimeline amnesia amphitheatre apartmentbuilding axes bink cinematicplatformer city city-seattle-wa comiccutscenes deadlywater deathfakers deathpits difficultyspike doors earth elevators envcombat environmentalpuzzle fallimpact firearms fragileprotagonist glowingeyes grapplers handguns helicopters hospital house instantkillers interactionhighlight jumping ladders ledges lostequipment middleagedprotagonist naturalistic officebuilding past postapocalypse pressureplates pseudo3d quicktimeevent rating-pegi-18 reload-chambering reload-manual ruins scaleform sequence-escape silhouetted slingshots stamina steampowered stumbling survivalhorror tackling taunting tumbling unrealengine unrealengine3 usa walking xbydifferentname zombieapocalypse zombies
Kentucky Route Zero  Cardboard Computer (Cardboard Computer)2012 barrelbodies clickadventure commercial dark directx9 download earth episodic flatshading humblestore humblewidget interactivedialogs kentucky lamp license-proprietary northamerica silhouetted steampowered usa
Electronic Super Joy  Michael Todd Games (Michael Todd Games)2013 deathpits directx9 environment-busy falloffdeath glowingeyes instantdeath jumppads music-edm music-electronic offscenedeath pixelated portals precisionplatformer retrypoints silhouetted slipperysurfaces swayinglevels teleport tutorial unlimitedlives walljumping
Nihilumbra  BeautiFun Games (BeautiFun Games)2013 commercial deadlydecor desura download gameolith gamersgate jumping license-proprietary monsters movingplatforms nodrm silhouetted steampowered unity-engine walking wallclinging walljumping
A Walk in the Dark  ? (?)2014 animalprotagonist felidprotagonist silhouetted steampowered
Outland  Housemarque (Housemarque)2014 achievements ancientenemy backtracking elevators fallimpact forest healthdrops healthpickups hitflash jumping ledges maleprotagonist map metroidvania monsters movingplatforms mp-cooperative orangeblue pressureplates rating-pegi-12 rewardingvandalism silhouetted steampowered tropic tutorial tutorial-integrated undefinedelements walking walljumping wilderness
FEIST  Finji ( Bits & Beasts)2015 dark directx9 forest formervaporware grapplinghook igfnominee indie monsters nohud nonhumanprotagonist physics powerthrow shadermodel2 silhouetted steampowered studentshowcase unity-engine winxp
Red Game Without A Great Name  iFun4all (iFun4all)2015 directx9 langbrazil-port rating-pegi-3 red shadermodel2 silhouetted