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Xtreme Beach Soccer Redfire Software? beachsoccer soccer
FIFA 97 EA Sports (EA Sports)1996 fifa soccer
It's a Funny Old Game 21st Century Entertainment (21st Century Entertainment)1996 soccer sportsmanagement
Microsoft Soccer Microsoft (Microsoft)1996 soccer
Actua Soccer 2 Gremlin Interactive Limited (Gremlin Interactive Limited)1997 soccer
Actua Soccer Club Edition Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1997 actuasports soccer
FIFA Soccer Manager Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1997 fifa fifa-series fifamanager-series soccer sportsmanagement
FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (FIFA 98: Die WM-Qualifikation;FIFA 98: En Route Pour la Coupe du Monde) EA Sports (EA Sports)1997 fifa soccer
Guy Roux Manager 98  Europress (Software 2000)1997 soccer sportsmanagement
Kick Off 97 Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Anco)1997 cdrom kickoff-series soccer
Liga Polska Manager '97 Marksoft (Marksoft)1997 poland soccer sportsmanagement
Premier Manager 97  Gremlin Graphics (Dinamic)1997 premiermanager-series soccer sportsmanagement
Sean Dundee's World Club Football Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1997 minimap naturalistic professionalathlete soccer
Sensible Soccer 2000 GTI (Sensible Software)1997 sensiblesoccer-series soccer
Soccer Champ Simulmondo1997 soccer
World Football 98 (Puma World Football 98;Sean Dundee's World Cup Football;Kiko World Football '98) Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1997 soccer
Worldwide Soccer '98 (Sega Worldwide Soccer '98 Club Edition;Sega Worldwide Soccer 98) Sega (Sega)1997 earth latemodernperiod naturalistic present soccer
Sega Worldwide Soccer PC (セガワールドワイドサッカーPC) Sega (Sega;Team Aquila)1997 soccer
Championship Manager Season 97/98 (L'Entraîneur: Saison 97/98)  Eidos Interactive (Sports Interactive)1997 championshipmanager-series soccer sportsmanagement
PC Fútbol 5.0: Apertura '97 Dinamic Multimedia (Dinamic Multimedia)1997 cdrom keyboard mouse pentium1 soccer spu-sb16 uvl-tiein win95
Adidas Power Soccer Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1998 soccer
Adidas Power Soccer '98 Psygnosis (Shen Studios)1998 soccer
FIFA 99  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1998 fifa fifa-series rating-esrb-e soccer
Golden Goal 98 Take-Two Interactive (Z-Axis)1998 soccer
Kick Off 98 Ubi Soft (Anco)1998 kickoff-series soccer