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Lilly Looking Through Geeta Games (Geeta Games)???? commercial demo license-proprietary magical mystery telescope
MDK (孤胆枪手)  Playmates Interactive Entertainment (Shiny Entertainment)1997 alienmenace aliens armcannons bossbattles civilianprotagonist coerced directx3 glide3d jumping madscience mdk powerarmor rating-esrb-t reluctanthero solomission telescope unwantedresponsibility walking
Big Game Hunter 2 Activision (Head Games)1999 africa bows canada cervids colorado firearms hunting newmexico telescope ursines usa weathereffects
Deer Hunter 2 GT Interactive (Wizard Works)1999 bows cervids compass firearms forest hunting map naturalistic swrender telescope wintery
Thief II: The Metal Age (Thief 2;Dark Project II: The Metal Age;Dark Project II: L'Age de Métal)  Eidos (Looking Glass Studios)2000 1life alarmers antiheroprotagonist archaictechnology backstabbing ballistics bloodmoon bodydragging bows cemetery chrysopoeia city clambering clandestine clockpunk dark darkengine detectors distracting doors druids eavesdropping espionage eviloverlord factory falldamage forest forgetfulenemies hiding holstering immersivesim indicator-visibility intermissions jumping killingblow leveleditor lightdousing lockpicking lowfantasy mansion medieval meleeweapons missionbased noncombpenalty nontolkienian oldfaith oldskoolsurveillance outlawprotagonist overpowered pagans pain permanentcorpses pickpocketing rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 remotecamera rescue rooftops schism secretfacility serious stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steampunk strangebedfellows stunning stunning-moderate stunprods swords systemsdriven technofantasy technology-theme telescope temple thief-series thiefprotagonist titularcharacter unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist voiceovers watercraft-location
MDK2 (孤胆枪手2)  Interplay (Bioware)2000 alieninvasion aliens alternatingprotagonist armcannons bossbattles directx5 disposableweapons download dualwielding eviloverlord firearms gadgetweapons humor-toilet interspecificconflict invasion jumping jumppack lua madscience mdk mediaindrive multiarmed multilimbed multipleendings oddappliances opengl powerarmor steampowered superscience telescope unorthodoxweapons uvl-releases voiceovers weirdscience win95
Deus Ex (DX)  Eidos Interactive (Ion Storm)2000 1life 2050s 21stcentury adv-xpdistr airducts airport ammomagazines area51 asia asia-east aureal3d baftaaward bathroom biorobotprotagonist biorobots bludgeons blue bodydragging bundle cdrom city city-newyork-ny city-paris-fr clanguage clones clonetechnology club compatiblewine conspiracy crates cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs dark-limited deusex directx7 display-640x480 dolbysurround dystopian earth eax eax1 elevators empgrenades empweapons energyitems energystations epigraph europe explosiveobjects france future gameoftheyear glide3d grenades greys hacking hangar hazmatsuit healingitems healingstations hongkong hud-explained humanoidprotagonist immersivesim implants inertscenery infravision interactivedialogs inventory itempickup-instant jumping knives lamp leaning leveleditor lockpicking lutris mafia mediaindrive megacorps meleeweapons meninblack mines multipleendings mutablescenery-large mutuallyexclusivepowerups nanotechnology neutralnpcs nightvision nonlethalelimination northamerica offshorefacility opengl optionaltasks outbreak plasmaweapons pointdefenses postmodern premadeprotagonist proximitymines reactos realisticshotguns researchfacility rewardingvandalism robots rogueprotagonist rooftops rp-levelless s3metal saveanywhere science-theme secretfacility sentientmachines serious shopping shotguns stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound subway superjump superspeed swords swrender systemsdriven technology-theme telescope terminal thermalweapons thirdoption thrownweapons title-animated trackermusic transhumanism triad truemyths unrealengine unrealengine1 upgradesystem uvl-missingimages uvl-releases vagrants voiceovers walking weaponcustomization widescreen win95 win98 xp-deeds xrayvision xyzzy
Delta Force: Land Warrior  Novalogic (NovaLogic)2000 africa autoshotguns captives cdrom clanguage deltaforce-series directx7 download egypt firstpersonshooter grenades militainment militantprotagonist militaryfiction naturalistic postures rating-esrb-t serious tactical telescope terrorism uvl-releases voxelspaceengine wasteland
Command & Conquer: Renegade  Electronic Arts (Westwood Pacific)2002 alienearth alternatetimeline ammomagazines arid armyofone aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autorun beamweapons bombs buggy burning cannons canyon captives cave cdrom chemicalweapons cnc compass controlconfig crates dam damageovertime depthfog difficulty directx8 dissolvingcorpses dissolvingitems doors driving drm earth eax eax2 elevators enemyhealthdisplay fictionalelement firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers fofindicator friendlyfire grenadelaunchers handguns healthpickups helicopters humid invisiblewalls island itemglow itempickup-auto jumping keys locationaldamage machineguns map mediaindrive milessound militantprotagonist militarybase militaryfiction missionbased multiseaters multivehicular mutants neutralnpcs npatches objectiveindicator optionaltasks orbitalweapons precisionrifles proprietarynetwork radar rating-esrb-t remotedetonators rockets rotaryguns safedisc sequence-defend serialkey subterranean subtitledeficient tank tanks tasktracker telescope thermalweapons tiberium tropic turrets tutorial voiceovers w3dengine walking walkingarmory war westwoodonline windowentry wintery xaudio
Chrome (Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat)  Strategy First (Techland)2003 accuracy-motion accuracy-posture ammomagazines animals arid aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles aureal3d bossbattles buggy canyon capacity-slots chromeengine containers corpselooting counselor cyborgs depthfog difficulty doors doors-automatic driving dynamicaccuracy elevators encounters-moving encounters-set explosiveobjects extraterrestrial falldamage fictionalelement firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields forest grenades handguns healingitems hovervehicle humid implants inventory invisiblewalls island itempickup-instant javalanguage jumping keys knives ladders leaning limitedcapacity lipsync map megacorps mercenaryprotagonist mp-assault mp-ctf mp-dm mp-teams multipleworlds multiseaters naturalistic objectiveindicator otherworld outlaws pain phlebotinum postures precisionrifles radar rockets rotaryguns sequence-stealth sequence-turret shadowmaps shallowwater shore shotguns snipers soldiers steampowered submachineguns tasktracker telescope temperate titlementioned trash tropic tunnels turrets walkers walking wasteland waypoints xaudio
Half-Life 2 (HL2;2חצי חיים;하프라이프 2;半条命2;戰慄時空2)  Vivendi Universal Games;Valve Corporation (Valve)2004 1life 21stcentury absolutearmor achievements achievements-public airboat airlocks aliens alternateattack ammomagazines anticipatorystockpiles apartmentbuilding armoredcars aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints awardgdcwriting bioships bludgeons breakpad bridge buggy burrowers cagetransport cave cc censored chainreactions chapterreplay chargers chosenone city cliff cliffhanger compatiblewine controllablehelplessness corpseactions crates crossbows dam damageindicator dawnofanewage demo difficulty difficulty-ingame dilapidated directx7 directx8 directx9 disintegrators displaydevices distortedhearing dollyzoom doors download driving drm drm-activation dystopian earth ectsaward elevatedglitch encounters-popup energyshields energyweapons explosiveobjects extensible facialexpressions falldamage famousprotagonist fascism fastzombies firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields genderdiscrepancy grenades guidedweapons guidedweapons-pointer halflife handguns havokphysics hazmatsuit headtracking healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning helicopters idlenoise illequipped ingamecinematics inpersoncinematics insectoids jumping ladders langchinesesimpl langchinesetrad langthai leveleditor license-crossplatform lightbridges lighthouse lipsync livinglegend lostresources mandatoryloss meleeweapons middleprojection modifiable motionblur mutablescenery-fixtures mutablescenery-small nochildren nofriendlyfire noodleincident npchiding oculusrift pain parasites planetlooters postapocalypse powerarmor powerthrow prison projectileimmunity prologue radiotap railway railyard rebellion rebelprotagonist recurrence recurrence-character recurrence-creature recurrence-object reload-auto reload-manual retcon rewardingvandalism robots rockets saveonline savior scientistprotagonist scientists secrets sequence-defend sequence-survival sessilecreatures shallowwater shore silentprotagonist singlegenderopposition soldiers sourceengine squatters steampowered steamworks storagearea superweapon suppression swimming teleporters telescope temporarycompanions timespan-days title-animated title-multi title-scene trains trampling tripeds turrets underwaterdiving voiceovers walking walkingarmory warehouse widescreen win2k windy winxp zombies
Pariah  Groove Games (Digital Extremes)2005 1life 2520s 26thcentury 3rdmillennium accuracy-posture achillesheelfoes aimmode ammomagazines assaultrifles autosavepoints canyon cdrom cpplanguage death destructibleenvironment did directx9 distortedvision driving drm dynamicaccuracy earth elevators explosiveobjects extraterrestrial falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter fofindicator future futureearth grenadelaunchers havokphysics healingitems healthregen healthregen-stunted humanweapon itempickup-auto jumping karmiccreatures ladders leveleditor meleeweapons militantprotagonist mp-assault mp-ctf mp-dm obligation openal plasmaweapons precisionrifles ragdollphysics rescue restorepower rockets safedisc segmentedhealth sequence-defend sequence-turret serialkey serious shotguns stamina stranded suicide telescope trampling tutorial unrealengine2 upgrades-permanent upgradesystem vorbis walking weaponupgrades win2k win98 winxp
Operation: Matriarchy (Велиан;Velian;Operation Matriarchy)  Buka Entertainment;Meridian4 (MADia Entertainment)2005 235x 24thcentury aimmode aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autorun autosavepoints beepingcomputers biotechnology bodyarmor bossbattles bunnyhopping capacity-toolslots chemicalweapons cyborgs difficulty doors doors-automatic elevators elevators-multifloor energyweapons explosiveobjects femaleantagonist firearms flamethrowers future handguns heavyspecularity interactivetriggers itemglow jumping keys knives limitedcapacity livingweapons machineguns militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters mutants objectiveindicator origlang-russian otherworld plasmaweapons powerarmor precisionrifles radar reload-manual rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere shotguns spacecraft-location spacestation teleporters telescope walking
Serious Sam II (Serious Sam 2;SS2)  2K Games (Croteam)2005 aliens arenafpstps armyofone autorun bombs cave cyborgs duplicateweapons encounters-popup fallbackweapon firstpersonshooter gianthumanoids gibs guidedweapons headless healthpickups helicopters humanoids itemglow jumping lightbloom lives macho mp-cooperative mp-dm nofalldamage noreloading playerstats powertools powerups precisionrifles prison pseudocheats rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-12 rockets saveanywhere score secrets serious-engine serioussam shadermodel1 shotguns smartbomb splatter steampowered submachineguns suicideattackers swimming telescope town tribals tropic twitchshooter undead underwaterdiving walking walkingarmory zombies
Sniper Elite (Sniper Elite: Berlin 1945)  Namco;Rebellion (Rebellion)2005 1940s 20thcentury actioncamera aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 asura-engine bombs city compass directx9 download firearms firstpersonshooter grenades handguns machineguns map militantprotagonist naturalistic objectiveindicator postures precisionrifles rating-esrb-m sniperelite-series snipers specialistprotagonist speedbuildup speedcontrol splatter stealth submachineguns tactical tanks telescope uvl-missingmedia uvl-releases war worldwar2
X³: Reunion (X3;X3:重聚)  Deep Silver (Egosoft)2005 30thcentury 6dof aliens autofollow automap autopilot autosavepoints autoturrets bountyhunting cargojettisoning contraband controlconfig directinput directx9 download drm drm-removed dustmotes enemyhealthdisplay energyshields energyweapons extraterrestrial factions fame fofindicator freelancing friendlyfire future indicator-lead intimidation inventory-vehicles lookaround map marketpreview menus mercenaryprotagonist multihead music-ambient neutralnpcs nonlinear notebook npcstrife openworld origlang-german persistentworld portals radar rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 rockets savepoints selfupdate sequence-turret shadermodel1 shadermodel2 shieldregen space spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight spacelanes spacesuit spacewalking stacsim starforce steampowered supplyanddemand targetlock telescope timecompression trading upgradesystem voiceboard warptravel weapongrouping widescreen win2k win98 winxp x-universe
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45(ROOST;RO:OST)  Bold Games;Tripwire Interactive (Tripwire Interactive)2006 1940s 20thcentury achievements achievements-public aimmode aimsway alternateattack ammomagazines ammotypes amrifles artillery assaultrifles ballistics belarus bombs cannons chartypelimit city city-petersburg-ru classbased commercialized compass cpplanguage crewtargeting deployables depthfog directx9 disarming disposableweapons distortedvision driving earth europe falldamage firearms floatingaim fragileprotagonist friendlyfire friendlyfire-full grenadecooking grenades gunclubbing halftrack halftracks handguns impactangle indie ironsights jumping leaning limitedcapacity locationaldamage locationalhealth logitech-g19 longrangewarfare machineguns map militantprotagonist mountedweapons mp-bots mp-control multiseaters naturalistic noammodisplay nocrosshair nohealing oneofmany openal overheating past postures precisionrifles pve pvp rating-esrb-m recoil redorchestra-series reload-chambering reload-keeppartial rockets roughterrain ruins rural russia sharedcontrol sharedlives singlegender smokegrenades snipers stamina steampowered steamworks submachineguns summery suppressivefire tactical tank tanks telescope toolinteraction tracers unrealengine unrealengine2 unwieldyweapons valveanticheat vehiclecrew voicechat voicemacros vorbis walking war wintery worldwar worldwar2
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter;GRAW)  Ubisoft (GRIN)2006 1life 2010s 21stcentury accuracy-posture aimmode ammomagazines aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-5-4 aspectratio-auto assaultrifles autosavepoints ballistics blankprotagonist cdrom cpplanguage directx9 download drm dvd dynamicaccuracy earth facelessprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter fragileprotagonist fullbodyawareness future futuristic gamespy ghostrecon grenades grounddiving group group-leader handguns havokphysics inertscenery intermissions leaning lifelikemotion map militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mp-control mp-dm mp-teams mp-undefined naturalistic nohealing nojumping openal outdoors physx playerprofiles postures precisionrifles proprietarynetwork realisticdamage securom7 serialkey serious shadermodel2 sliding subtitledeficient tactical telescope tomclancy uvl-tiein walking weaponcustomization widescreen win2k winxp wxwidgets xml
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (SSOC;Stalker;S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Cień Czarnobyla)  THQ;GSC World Publishing (GSC Game World)2007 1life 2010s 21stcentury aimmode alternatetimeline amnesia anomalies assaultrifles ballistics bartering battleye blankprotagonist bleak bleeding bodydragging capacity-weight capturedresources chernobyl circadiancycle city cloakednpcs cpplanguage creatorcentrism cultfollowing damageovertime damagetypes dark-limited dedicatedclient directx8 directx9 distortedvision disturbednature drm earth eax3 endlessopposition europe facelessprotagonist factions fakenames firearms firstaid firstpersonshooter freelancing future gog grenades handguns hazmatsuit healing-instant holstering industrial-setting interlinkedlevels inventory inventory-supplies ironsights lamp limitedcapacity lua malfunctioning mediaindrive minimap multilingual multipleendings neutralnpcs noports npcspawning obsoletedassets openal opendynamicsengine openworld optionaltasks paranormal poltergeists postures powerarmor precisionrifles psychicanimals psychics radiation rating-esrb-m researchfacility ruins saveanywhere saveincompatibility scientists scrapyard secretfacility securom7 serialkey serious sewers shadermodel2 shadermodel3 shallowwater shopping shotguns singlegender slavicprotagonist speech-slavic spetsnaz stalker-series stamina starforce stealth steampowered supernaturaldisaster taskgenerator taskgenerator-midmission telescope titlementioned titularlocale tradewithanyone ukraine unloading uvl-missingimages walking weaponcustomization weirdscience wetland widescreen win2k winxp xrengine zombies zombies-armed
Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 (Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2;GRAW2)  Ubisoft (GRIN)2007 1life accuracy-posture aimmode ammomagazines assaultrifles blankprotagonist bundle dieselengine directx9 dynamicaccuracy facelessprotagonist firearms fragileprotagonist futuristic ghostrecon grounddiving group group-leader handguns intermissions lifelikemotion map militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mp-dm mp-teams naturalistic nohealing openal outdoors physx playerprofiles postures precisionrifles serialkey serious shadermodel2 sliding subtitledeficient tactical telescope tomclancy tutorial uvl-tiein walking weaponcustomization widescreen wxwidgets xml
BlackSite (BSA51;BlackSite: Area 51)  Midway (Midway Studios Austin)2007 1life 2000s 21stcentury aimmode aliens alientechnology ammomagazines area51 assaultrifles cpplanguage cyborgs dedicatedclient directx9 driving drm dvd earth facelessprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter gameplayinn giantmonsters grenadecooking grenades group group-leader healthregen healthregen-fast humanexperiments insectoids iraq iraqwar lipsync loading-obscured locationaldamage militantprotagonist militaryfiction morale motionblur mp-ctf mp-dm mp-teams nevada northamerica openal physx precisionrifles proprietarynetwork quazal reload-auto reload-manual researchfacility ruins secretfacility securom7 serious shadermodel3 telescope town trampling unrealengine3 usa walking widescreen winvista winxp wxwidgets
Crysis (Crysis I;Crysis 1)  EA Partners (Crytek)2007 1life 2020s 21stcentury aaa alarmers aliens ambientcreatures ambx ammotypes armyofone asia aspectratio-auto assaultrifles autosavepoints beach canyon capacity-toolslots cave chapters chekhovsgun cloaking compositefoes controllablehelplessness cpu-pentium4 cryengine2 crysis damagemodeling dark-limited depthoffield destructibleenvironment difficulty directx10 directx9 distortedvision divisionofkorea dock driving drm dualwielding dvd earth elevators elitemobs eliteprotagonist emweapons facelessprotagonist factualinaccuracy falldamage fictionallocation firearms firstpersonshooter fmod forcefields forest fullbodyawareness future gamespy gimmick grappling grenades gunclubbing healthregen healthregen-fast helicopters hiding hillland humid ice-theme indicator-threat inpersoncinematics interspecificconflict ironsights island itempickup-normal jeep jeeps juggernauts jumping jungle ladders lamp langhungarian lasersight leveleditor limitedcapacity logitech-g15 lostequipment lua machineguns map meaningfultitle meatshield militantprotagonist militaryfiction minefield modularequipment motionblur multilingual nanotechnology nightvision novintfalcon openended overprepared pacificocean playerprofiles postures powerarmor proprietarynetwork punkbuster quake realisticshotguns reload-manual remotedetonators rotaryguns rural saveanywhere scenic screenshake securom7 selectivefire separated sequelhook sequence-defend serialkey serious shore shotguns singlegenderopposition smokegrenades speech-korean spymic ssao stealth steampowered storagearea stungrenades suppressors tank tanks tasktracker telescope timespan-days town trampling tropic unduehaste unnecessarykilling visionenhancer voicechat walking watercraft-location widescreen wintery winvista winxp x86 x86-64 xml zero-g
DUSK-12 (Dusk 12)  Buka Entertainment (Orion Games)2008 2020s 21stcentury airducts alternatingprotagonist anticipatorysightings aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles audiere autosavepoints beepingcomputers bodyarmor bullettime chargedthrow cyborgs dark-limited deathfakers difficulty driving elevators energyregen eruptions firstpersonshooter future grenades grotesque handguns healthdraining healthpickups healthregen healthregen-slow humanexperiments itempickup-auto jumping keycodes knives ladders lightbloom locationaldamage monsters mp-dm mp-teams mutantprotagonist mutants nightvision oopitems origlang-russian outbreak physx prison raknet reload-manual researchfacility robots saveanywhere screenshake secretfacility sequence-turret sequence-vehicle shadermodel1 shadermodel2 shadermodel3 shotguns slowmotion soldiers steampowered superpowers swimming telescope temporarycompanions tga unarmedfighting underwaterdiving vorbis walking win2k winxp
Conflict: Denied Ops  Eidos Interactive (Pivotal Games)2008 accuracy-motion accuracy-posture africa aimmode ammomagazines asia companion controlswitch cooperation demo distortedvision driving dynamicaccuracy earth equipment-predefined explosiveobjects firearms firstpersonshooter grenades group-leader handguns healthregen helicopters hud-dynamic incendiarygrenades latemodernperiod leaning machineguns militantprotagonist militaryfiction mines missionbased mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dm mp-teams multiprotagonists nojumping objectiveindicator playerprofiles postures precisionrifles present resuscitation retrypoints rockets ruins russia rwanda saveanywhere serious smokegrenades southamerica stungrenades tank tanks telescope vaulting venezuela voicechat walking
Frontlines: Fuel of War (FFOW)  THQ (Kaos Studios)2008 21stcentury aerodyne aeroplane ammomagazines asia-central aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles bundle capturedresources city controlpoints cpplanguage dedicatedclient deployables depthoffield directx9 download driving drm drones dystopian earth firearms firstpersonshooter fofindicator fuelcrisis future grenadelaunchers grenades grouping guidedweapons handguns healthregen healthregen-moderate helicopter industrial-setting jumping machineguns map mediaindrive militantprotagonist militaryfiction mines missionbased mobilebombs mountedweapons mp-control mp-teams mpfocus multiseaters multivehicular naturalistic netframework openal physx piloting precisionrifles punkbuster realcrisis reload-lossy reload-real remotecontrol remotedetonators repairing resourcecrisis robots rockets rotaryguns rotorcraft ruins securom7 serialkey serious shotguns submachineguns tank telescope trackedvehicle trampling unrealengine3 walking wheeledvehicle widescreen winvista winxp