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Alien Trilogy Acclaim Entertainment (Probe)1996 22ndcentury aimassist alienfranchise aliens androids assaultrifles automap bombs cdrom dark deathpits difficulty explosiveobjects extraterrestrial femaleprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future handguns indoors limitedsupplies movie parasites radar restorepower rewardingvandalism savepoints secrets serious shotguns spacefaringage splatter thermalweapons
Incubation: Time is Running Out (Battle Isle 4: Incubation;Incubation: Космодесант;Incubation: Battle Isle Phase Vier;Incubation: Battle Isle Phase Four;Incubation: Battle Isle Faza Czwarta)  Blue Byte (Blue Byte)1997 assaultrifles battleisle directx5 energyweapons flamethrowers glide3d grenadelaunchers grid grid-square grotesque handguns infestation intermissions jumppack militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased mutagen mutants plasmaweapons rockets serious supervisorprotagonist thermalweapons timeunits
Uprising  3DO (Cyclone Studios)1997 aerodyne basebuilding cdrom controlconfig dialup directx5 energyshields energyweapons fallbackweapon fpsrts friendlyfire glide3d guidedweapons infantry invisiblewalls ipx mediaindrive militaryfiction opengl outdoors resourcegeneration rockets supplies swrender tank tanks tcpip thermalweapons tutorial
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil  Acclaim Entertainment;Nightdive Studios (Iguana Entertainment;Nightdive Studios )1998 aliens alone amerindprotagonist ballistics bows cemetery censored chosenone city dinosaurs directx6 discoloredblood exoticweapons firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers glide3d gog gore graphicdeaths guidedweapons guidedweapons-lock healthpickups humanoidanimals insectoids jumping kexengine ladders levelhub mediaindrive meleeweapons ninjapiratezombierobot otherworld plasmaweapons pseudocheats rotaryguns rtime sauroids saveanywhere savepoints secondaryantagonist sequelhook serious splatter steampowered subterranean swimming thermalweapons titlementioned titularcharacter turok undead unusualmounts uvl-tiein voiceovers walking walkingarmory wetland
Gorky17 (Odium;ōdi∙um;Gorky 17;Горький 17;Gorky 18;Горький 18: Мужская работа)  Monolith Productions (Metropolis Software)1999 2000s 21stcentury directx7 download earth europe facing firearms future gog gorky grid grid-square group incompat-ffdshow inventory itemglow latemodernperiod meleeweapons militantprotagonist monsters mutants norecruiting poland premadeprotagonist serious steampowered swrender tacticalrpg thermalweapons turnbasedcombat unarmedfighting uvl-searchelp versionvariations walking xp-literal
Messiah  Interplay;SoldOut Software (Shiny Entertainment)1999 1life aimassist angelicprotagonist angels aspectratio-4-3 aureal3d cannibalism childprotagonist city defenseless demons directx7 divinechampion divinemenace doors download firearms flying fromanotherworld gog grenades humanexperiments industrial-setting jumping noports oneshot possession posthumans redlightdistrict religion-christian rockets sciencefantasy scientists sewers sexindustry stealth stealth-sight steampowered supernaturalprotagonist thermalweapons titlementioned unarmedfighting voiceovers walking
X-COM: UFO Defense Hasbro Interactive (Mythos Games)1999 absoluterulership alieninvasion aliens ammomagazines amoeboids animehair anxiety assaultrifles basebuilding bleeding bodyarmor bodydragging circadiancycle combatautoloot dawnofanewage destructibleenvironment destructibleitems difficulty download drones earth encyclopedia enemyscan energyweapons explosiveobjects fictionalelement firstaid future globalorganization grenades greys grid grid-square grid-volume group guidedweapons handguns hitchance humanoids infantry instantkillers interspecificconflict inventory investors laserbolts laserweapons layers locationalhealth mapgenerator mars martians militaryfiction minionpermadeath morale multinationalorganization multiphased naga neutralnpcs nonlethalelimination noreinforcements npcanxiety obsoletedassets outofturnactions overworld permanentcorpses persistentminions plasmaweapons powerfoci propertydamagepenalty rating-esrb-e researching retreating robots rockets rotaryguns rural saveanywhere scavenging shopping smokegrenades spheroidworld starfishaliens strayfire stunprods supervisorprotagonist tactical thermalweapons timecompression timeunits titulargroup triage turnbasedcombat uniqueminions universaltheatre unloading vendortrash veterancy viralcreatures weaponsplatforms workers xcom-original xcom-series
Aliens versus Predator (AvP;Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition;AvP Gold;AvPGE;Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000)  Fox Interactive (Rebellion)1999 1life alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator alone ammomagazines androids assaultrifles bestsellerseries burning cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal claws cloakednpcs cloaking color-16bit dark direct3d directx6 dismemberment display-640x480 doors download elevators energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial facelessprotagonist fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers flares fury161 future gibs gore grenadelaunchers grenades-bouncy grenades-impact hatchers healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops healthpickups humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes infravision interspecificconflict ipx itempickup-auto juicyflesh jumping karmiccreatures ladders limitedsaves lutris megacorps meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters movie mp-3way multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives naturalweapons otherworld overkill perspectiveflip playerprofiles predator rating-esrb-m rotaryguns sequence-escape serious spacefaringage stealth steampowered tcpip thermalweapons tunnelvision turrets unarmedfighting visionenhancer visionmodes walking wallclimbing wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal waterwaves weirdvision
Kingpin: Life of Crime  Interplay Entertainment (Xatrix Entertainment)1999 1930s 1life 20thcentury actionadventure anachronic bleak bulkycharacters bunnyhopping city compatiblewine difficulty directx7 doors download dystopian elevators evilvsevil falldamage firearms flamethrowers friendlyfire futuristic gangsters glide3d gog grenadelaunchers handguns idtech2 improvisedweapons indoors interlinkedlevels jumping ladders leveleditor machineguns macho mediaindrive minions naturalistic neutralnpcs opengl organizedcrime outlawprotagonist personalquest prochronic prohibitionera rampantcrime rating-esrb-m revenge rockets saveanywhere serious shopping shotguns submachineguns thermalweapons titlementioned titularcharacter tommygun uvl-releases voiceovers walking
Outcast (Outcast 1.1)  Infogrames;Fresh3D (Appeal;Fresh3D)1999 2000s actionadventure adventurefiction alienplanet aliens antialiasing cdrom city compass cultfollowing depthoffield displacementfiction download dvd eax eax1 firearms firstcontact flamethrowers fromanotherworld future gog handguns itemglow jumping maleprotagonist mediaindrive middleagedprotagonist militantprotagonist neutralnpcs noports redbookaudio riding roughterrain rural savior scenic search shopping stealth stranded swimming techinnovation thermalweapons unusualmounts uvl-confusable uvl-imagequality voiceovers walking win95
Deus Ex (DX)  Eidos Interactive (Ion Storm)2000 1life 2050s 21stcentury adv-xpdistr airducts airport ammomagazines area51 asia asia-east aureal3d baftaaward bathroom biorobotprotagonist biorobots bludgeons blue bodydragging bundle cdrom city city-newyork-ny city-paris-fr clanguage clones clonetechnology club compatiblewine conspiracy crates cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs dark-limited deusex directx7 display-640x480 dolbysurround dystopian earth eax eax1 elevators empgrenades empweapons energyitems energystations epigraph europe explosiveobjects france future gameoftheyear glide3d grenades greys hacking hangar hazmatsuit healingitems healingstations hongkong hud-explained humanoidprotagonist immersivesim implants inertscenery infravision interactivedialogs inventory itempickup-instant jumping knives lamp leaning leveleditor lockpicking lutris mafia mediaindrive megacorps meleeweapons meninblack mines multipleendings mutablescenery-large mutuallyexclusivepowerups nanotechnology neutralnpcs nightvision nonlethalelimination northamerica offshorefacility opengl optionaltasks outbreak plasmaweapons pointdefenses postmodern premadeprotagonist proximitymines reactos realisticshotguns researchfacility rewardingvandalism robots rogueprotagonist rooftops rp-levelless s3metal saveanywhere science-theme secretfacility sentientmachines serious shopping shotguns stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound subway superjump superspeed swords swrender systemsdriven technology-theme telescope terminal thermalweapons thirdoption thrownweapons title-animated trackermusic transhumanism triad truemyths unrealengine unrealengine1 upgradesystem uvl-missingimages uvl-releases vagrants voiceovers walking weaponcustomization widescreen win95 win98 xp-deeds xrayvision xyzzy
X-COM: Enforcer  Hasbro Interactive (Microprose)2001 21stcentury alieninvasion aliens alone alternatetimeline autosavepoints beamweapons cemetery city clanguage cyborgs directx8 earth energyweapons firearms future gamespy glide3d gog greys healthregen healthregen-moderate healthregen-stunted intermissions interspecificconflict jumping laserbolts laserweapons leveleditor lighthearted limitedcapacity militaryfiction missionbased naga noncanon noports parkinglot rating-esrb-t rescue robotprotagonist robots rooftops sewers solomission spacecraft-location steampowered subway swrender teleport thermalweapons titlementioned titularcharacter titulargroup unrealengine unrealengine1 voiceovers walking widescreen win95 win98 xcom-original xcom-series
Red Faction (RF)  THQ (Volition)2001 1life 2070s 21stcentury alternateattack ammomagazines anatomicdamage aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles bombs bossbattles civilianprotagonist cyborgs destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame directx8 doors download driving eax2 elevators eviloverlord extraterrestrial falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future geomod-engine giantmonsters grenades handguns humanexperiments industrial-setting juggernauts leveleditor locationaldamage lostequipment lutris mars mine mp-dm nanotechnology nonlinear politicalcorruption powerplant precisionrifles rebellion rebelprotagonist redfaction robots rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere secrets sequence-defend sequence-stealth serious shields shotguns spacefaringage splatter stunning stunprods submachineguns submarine subterranean suppression swimming thermalweapons titulargroup tunnelborer tutorial underwaterdiving uvl-releases voiceovers walking
Aliens versus Predator 2 (AvP2;Aliens vs. Predator 2)  Vivendi Universal (Monolith Productions)2001 1life 23rdcentury airducts alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator alternateattack ammomagazines ammotypes androids assaultrifles autosavepoints beetles biogrowth bombs bossbattles burning cave cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal chargedattack claws cloakednpcs cloaking controlconfig dark detector diaries difficulty directx8 dismemberment dissolvingcorpses doors drm elevators energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial falldamage fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future grenadelaunchers grotesque guidedweapons handguns healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes interspecificconflict juicyflesh jumping knives ladders lithtech-talon lithtechengine lostequipment machineguns maleprotagonist mediaindrive megacorps meleeweapons milessound militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters motiondetector movie mp-3way mp-dm mp-escape mp-ffa mp-lms mp-teams mp-undefined multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives neuterprotagonist npcstrife otherworld perspectiveflip plasmaweapons polearms precisionrifles predator privatemilitarycompanies projectilerecovery researchfacility rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere savepoints securom securom1 sequence-escape serialkey serious shotguns silentprotagonist spacefaringage spearguns spears splatter stealth stunning subterranean thermalweapons tutorial tutorial-incomplete unarmedfighting unduehaste visionenhancer visionmodes voiceovers walking wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal weirdvision win2k win98
Command & Conquer: Renegade  Electronic Arts (Westwood Pacific)2002 alienearth alternatetimeline ammomagazines arid armyofone aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autorun beamweapons bombs buggy burning cannons canyon captives cave cdrom chemicalweapons cnc compass controlconfig crates dam damageovertime depthfog difficulty directx8 dissolvingcorpses dissolvingitems doors driving drm earth eax eax2 elevators enemyhealthdisplay fictionalelement firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers fofindicator friendlyfire grenadelaunchers handguns healthpickups helicopters humid invisiblewalls island itemglow itempickup-auto jumping keys locationaldamage machineguns map mediaindrive milessound militantprotagonist militarybase militaryfiction missionbased multiseaters multivehicular mutants neutralnpcs npatches objectiveindicator optionaltasks orbitalweapons precisionrifles proprietarynetwork radar rating-esrb-t remotedetonators rockets rotaryguns safedisc sequence-defend serialkey subterranean subtitledeficient tank tanks tasktracker telescope thermalweapons tiberium tropic turrets tutorial voiceovers w3dengine walking walkingarmory war westwoodonline windowentry wintery xaudio
Farscape (Farscape: The Game)  Simon & Schuster Interactive (Red Lemon Studios)2002 assaultrifles capacity-slots directx8 energyweapons extraterrestrial flamethrowers group handguns healingitems healingstations healthregen healthregen-moderate humanoids inventory jimhenson lua mouse otherworld radar saveanywhere shopping stationaryattack thermalweapons town tutorial tvseries win2k win98 winxp
The Thing (Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt;突变怪物;Нечто;Yuusei kara no Buttai X: Episode II;La Cosa)  Black Label Games;Torus Media (Computer Artworks)2002 1life achillesheelfoes actionadventure amalgams ambienttemperature anatomicdamage antarctica atlastmoment bodyhorror bossbattles cdrom conspiracy constrainedlocale damageovertime directx8 doors doppelgangers drm earth evilmilitary firearms flamethrowers gore grenades grotesque group humanexperiments humanmonsters hypothermia latemodernperiod locationaldamage metamorphosis militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters movie naturalhazards npcanxiety parasites present rating-esrb-m researchfacility savepoints securom securom4-7 serious shapeshifters simtrust suicide survivalhorror temporarycompanions thermalweapons thething unusualprotagonist voiceovers vorbis walking win2k win98 wintery winxp
Unreal II – The Awakening (Unreal 2)  Infogrames (Legend Entertainment)2003 1life aliens aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles blackprotagonist cdrom cpplanguage difficulty directx8 display-1024x768 doors drm eax3 elevators energyweapons extraterrestrial fallbackweapon firstpersonshooter future grenadelaunchers healthbuffer humanoidanimals inertscenery insectoids interactivedialogs jumping lawenforcerprotagonist leaning mediaindrive missionbased openal powerarmor robots sauroids securom serious solomission spacecraft-location spacefaringage thermalweapons tutorial unreal unrealengine2 voiceovers vorbis walking walkingarmory widescreen win2k win98 winxp
Postal² (Postal 2)  Whiptail Interactive;Resi Network (Running With Scissors)2003 1life alternateattack antiheroprotagonist arizona autosavepoints bizarreevents chaotic civilianprotagonist cruelty-potential difficulty domesticcats drugs excretion firearms firstpersonshooter grenades handguns improvisedweapons insaneprotagonist interlinkedlevels inventory ladders library malevolentprotagonist mall meleeweapons movie neutralnpcs northamerica oopitems openal playertaunting postal precisionrifles rockets shopping shotguns shovels steampowered terrorists thermalweapons town unrealengine2 unrestrictedviolence voiceovers walkingarmory
Freedom Fighters  Electronic Arts (IO Interactive)2003 alternatetimeline ammomagazines anatomicdamage aspectratio-4-3 aureal3d capacity-toolslots cdrom city city-newyork-ny civilianprotagonist contrarians cpplanguage directx8 dissolvingcorpses drm earth eax3 fame firearms grenades group latemodernperiod limitedcapacity locationaldamage missionbased naturalistic northamerica openal present pythonlanguage rating-esrb-t rebellion rebelprotagonist redscare safedisc savepoints serialkey sewers sovietinvasion sovietunion stealth stealth-sight thermalweapons unitybyforce voiceovers
Turok: Evolution (Turok 4)  Acclaim Entertainment (Acclaim Studios Austin)2003 19thcentury alone americanindians amerindprotagonist autosavepoints ballistics bows captives dinosaurs drm firstpersonshooter flamethrowers forest gore grenades healthpickups humanoidanimals itemglow jumping mediaindrive sauroids securom thermalweapons titularcharacter tropic turok uvl-tiein walking widescreen
Breed  cdv Software Entertainment (Brat Designs)2004 1life 27thcentury alieninvasion aliens ammomagazines aspectratio-4-3 cdrom cpu-pentium3 directx9 driving drm earth ectsaward facelessprotagonist firearms firstpersonshooter formations future gamespy group group-leader hillland interspecificconflict limitedcapacity mediaindrive militantprotagonist militaryfiction multiprotagonists multiseaters multivehicular naturalistic noports plasmaweapons playerprofiles rating-esrb-m robots rockets serialkey serious starforce thermalweapons tutorial walking war win2k win98 winxp
Alien Swarm  Black Cat Games (Black Cat Games)2004 airducts aliens alienswarm-series ammomagazines ammomagazines-real aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles barricading capacity-toolslots chargers classbased classbasedeq classlinkedgender competitionentry controlswitch cooperation dark-limited deathpits deployables deployables-fixed detector difficulty doors elitemobs emotes explosiveobjects firearms flamethrowers flares fov-horizontal friendlyfire grenades group group-switch guidedweapons handguns hapticfeedback healing healingitems incendiarygrenades industrial-setting infantry itempickup-instant juicyflesh jumping killingblow lamp levelselection limitedcapacity machineguns mapdeficient megacorps militantprotagonist mines missionbased mod mp-campaign mp-cooperative mpfocus naturalistic norecruiting nplayers opengl otherworld parasites premadecharacters reload-lossy reload-real serious shotguns silentprotagonist splatter stungrenades supervisorprotagonist tactical thermalweapons totalconversion tutorial unrealengine2 unseenprotagonist upgrades-health uvl-confusable veterancy viralcreatures voicechat voiceovers walking widescreen
Painkiller: Battle out of Hell (BOOH)  Dreamcatcher (People Can Fly)2004 1life achievements achillesheelfoes afterlife amphitheatre amusementpark arenafpstps armyofone autorun autosavepoints bossbattles children childvictims clowns dark deadprotagonist directx8 download exoticweapons firearms firstpersonshooter gadgetweapons ghosts gianthumanoids giantmonsters gothic havokphysics healthpickups hell hellscape heroprotagonist inertscenery jumping lua mine mixedtheme monsters mp-dm nailguns noports orphanage pain-engine painkiller-series puppets purgatory rating-esrb-m religion-christian rockets serious skeletons souls spearguns suicideattackers supermode tanks thermalweapons throwback twitchshooter underworld walking walkingarmory
UFO: Aftershock (UFO:AS;UAS;UFO:余震;UFO: Возмездие;UFO: Decydujace Starcie)  Cenega;Tri Synergy (ALTAR Interactive)2005 2050s 3plusfactions activepause alieninvasion aliens anatomicdamage autopause beamweapons biogrowth biotechnology bodyarmor control-individuals cultists cyborgs damagetypes destructibleenvironment directx8 directx9 display-1024x768 drm drones earth fanatics flyingcity future grenades greys grid grid-irregular grid-square group infantry interspecificconflict invasivespecies inventory laserweapons locationaldamage logistics mediaindrive minionpermadeath noports noreinforcements npcstrife obsoletedassets openal overworld passive persistentminions plasmaweapons postapocalypse proportionalworld psychics rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-16 researching robots ruinedworld saveanywhere savepoints serious sonicweapons soundlocator spheroidworld spiderbots starforce steampowered supervisorprotagonist suppressors tactical thermalweapons timecompression ufo-series unfixedbugs uniqueminions universaltheatre upgrades-permanent upgradesystem veterancy visionmodes walkers weaponcustomization weaponsplatforms win2k winxp