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Torchlight  Runic Games (Runic Games)2009 2hmeleeweapons abilitycriticals achievements achievements-public actionrpg adv-ptdistr adv-static amoeboids animateweapons arcanepunk armyofone attrbasedeq automap axes blankprotagonist bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-stacks cemetery classbased companion containers cpplanguage criticalchance crossbows crystals demo demons diablolike difficulty direct3d directx9 dissolvingcorpses doors download drm drm-activation dualwielding dualwielding-asymmetric dungeon dungeoncrawler dwarves elitemobs enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen explosiveobjects fasttravel-points fictionaluniverse firearms fishing fmod gameshield gems giantspiders gog handguns healingitems humanoidanimals imps interactivetriggers inventory itemgenerator itemglow itemidentification itempickup-auto itempickup-instant itemsets jewelry karmiccreatures keyboard knives knockback levelbasedeq leveleditor leveluprestoration license-crossplatform lighthearted limitedcapacity loot-random lootemup magic magic-held magic-instant magicrings magicweapons mapgenerator meleeweapons mimics mine minimap mode-endless mode-hardcore modifiable monsters mouse murinoids mutagen neutralnpcs nofailstate nohealthregen obsoletedassets ogre-engine opengl optionaltasks paperdoll plantcreatures playerprofiles polearms portals precisionrifles presetmaps priceinfo projectilecutoff protagonistnaming pygmies pyrokinesis quickkeys quitsave rating-esrb-t recallportal restorativegluttony retrypoints rewardingvandalism robots ruins safepowers sauroids saveonline sciencefantasy shopping silentprotagonist singlesave skipnoninteractive smalldevicemode socketables sorcery stash stash-shared stationaryattack steampowered steamworks stylized subterranean subterraneanrealm suicideattackers summoning swords tilebased title-animated titlementioned titularlocale tooltips torchlight-series town transformativecorruption tripeds undead unknownpast volcanic vorbis walking wands weefolk widescreen winxp xp-deeds xp-kills
Torchlight II (Torchlight 2)  Runic Games (Runic Games)2012 3ormoreplayers abilitycriticals actionrpg adv-ptdistr alienflora ambientcreatures animateweapons arcanepunk attrbasedeq automap biogrowth bioluminescence bludgeons bossbattles bossmeter capturedresources cave cemetery classbased classbasedeq combatanimals criticalchance crossworldcharacters damageinfo damagetypes deathfakers defensebreaking demo depthfog diablolike difficulty difficulty-players dimensionaltravel dragons dungeon enemyhealthdisplay energyitems equipmentbased eruptions fame fasttravel-points fatties femaleprotagonist flyingsporepods fogofwar forest friendshipbeatdown gargoyles genderchoice ghosts ghosttown giantgastropods gianthumanoids giants gibs hackandslash hags handcannons handguns healingitems humanoids insectoids itemgenerator itemsets jinn jokeitems karmiccreatures knockback levelbasedeq leveleditor lineofsight locationinfo lootemup machinecivilization magic magic-delayed magic-held magicaltechnology maleprotagonist meshnetwork mimics minibosses minimap modsupport monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin mycoids newgameplus nofailstate nostrayfire objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator obsoletedassets ogre-engine openworld optionaltasks overkill paperdoll perplayerloot plantcreatures portals precisionrifles projectilecutoff quicksets reanimators restorativegluttony robots ruins sauroids sciencefantasy shieldbreakers shopping shotguns sidetracked skeletons skywhales socketables sorcery spawners spectres splatter steampowered steamworks steamworkshop suicideattackers summoning swarmers techdisparity teleport tinyfoes tooltips torchlight-series ugc undead undefinedelements wastedeffort werewolves wetland wildmagic willowisps xp-deeds xp-kills zombies zoom