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Master of Defence Voodoo Dimention2005 towerdefense
Azgard Defence Moregames Entertainment (Moregames Entertainment)2007 demons dragons ghosts monsters towerdefense
Immortal Defense  Radical Poesis Games & Creations;Studio Eres (Radical Poesis Games & Creations;Studio Eres)2007 demo directx8 download mandatoryloss missionbased serious spectralprotagonist steampowered surreal towerdefense transcendency upgradesystem winxp
Land of Monsters  author (author)2007 difficulty gamemaker knights monsters towerdefense tutorial
Harvest: Massive Encounter  Oxeye Game Studio (Oxeye Game Studio)2008 achievements achievements-public aliens basebuilding beamweapons combinedeffort construction-gradual demo destructiblestructures download energydistribution expenses-instant extraterrestrial future indicator-range langbrazil-port laserweapons logistics lua modifiable netranking openfield opengl otherworld priorities resourcegeneration resourceharvesting score scoreoriented spacefaringage steampowered steamworks supervisorprotagonist survival timecompression towerdefense tutorial undirected waves widescreen
Hordes of Orcs MrJoy (Freeverse)2008 directx7 orcs towerdefense winxp
Iron Grip: Warlord  Isotx (Isotx)2008 achillesheelfoes alternateattack ammomagazines bombs burning city commanders damageovertime demo destructiblestructures dieselpunk download drm endlessopposition firearms flamethrowers friendlyfire gibs handguns healingstations hexapeds hybridgame idtech3 impulsegoo incendiarygrenades inexplicabletrajectories irongrip-series itemglow jumping machineguns meleeweapons mines morale mountedweapons mp-bots mp-cooperative mpfocus npchiding opengl otherworld overkill paidkilling protect pve radar remotedetonators repairing rockets rotaryguns ruins scavenging screenshake serialkey serious shotguns singlegender spiderbots splatter steampunk suicideattackers supportnpcs tanks technofantasy thermalweapons towerdefense unwieldyweapons upgradesystem vorbis walkers walking war widescreen win2k winvista winxp zip
Defense Grid: The Awakening  Hidden Path Entertainment;Aspyr Media (Hidden Path Entertainment)2008 achievements achievements-public alieninvasion aliens argevent autosavepoints beamweapons directx9 energyweapons gamebryoengine interest invasion laserweapons lighthearted mindupload missionbased openfield orbitalweapons paidkilling ramparts robots shadermodel2 silentprotagonist steampowered steamworks structureupgrades towerdefense tutorial unseenprotagonist upgradesystem waves widescreen winvista winxp
Tower Alliance Online (TAO)  gamengame (Wiselogic International)2009 fmod free lua mp-cooperative towerdefense xtrap
Plants vs. Zombies (Plants versus Zombies)  PopCap Games (PopCap Games)2009 achievements achievements-public autosavepoints aybabtu carnivorousplants demo destructiblestructures directx8 download jovial lanes license-crossplatform manualharvesting marmalade-engine mode-challenge mode-survival plantcreatures plantsvszombies playerprofiles quitsave rating-esrb-e10 resourcegeneration resourceharvesting shopping singlesave speech-gibberish steampowered steamworks suicideattackers titularcharacter towerdefense undeadmenace unseenprotagonist waves zombieapocalypse zombies
Defence Station Desktopable (DSD;Desktop Station Touchable)  Ironshod (Ironshod)2009 sdl towerdefense xml
Monster Mash  Sandlot Games (Sandlot Games)2009 autosavepoints bonusstages boosters bright builders colorful jovial levelprogress manualharvesting monsters paidkilling playerprofiles powerups score singlecontroller structureupgrades towerdefense tutorial tutorial-noninteractive upgradesystem waves
Creeper World  Knuckle Cracker (Knuckle Cracker)2009 adobeair apocalyptic autosavepoints beamweapons creeperworld-series demo destructiblestructures difficulty-single distantfuture download elevation endlessopposition energyweapons extraterrestrial flash future grid grid-square hillland leveleditor license-crossplatform liquidphysics logistics mortars multipleworlds netranking openfield resourcegeneration score serialkey serious spacefaringage stockpiles towerdefense tutorial tutorial-noninteractive undefinedelements visionaryplan windowed winvista winxp
Dungeon Defense  Epic Games (Trendy Entertainment)2010 colorful cpplanguage crystals destructiblestructures directx9 download elves goblinoids indie itempickup-attract itempickup-auto magic mp-cooperative mysticprotagonist physx prototype repairing score sorcery summoning towerdefense trapping unrealdevkit unrealengine3 vibrant vorbis waves wxwidgets
Revenge of the Titans (RotT)  Puppy Games (Puppy Games)2010 ♫fanfareforthecommonman ♫theplanetsmars ♫toccatafuguedminor achievements achievements-public achillesheelfoes alieninvasion aliens beamweapons boosters cannons cloakednpcs decoys demo destructiblestructures earth electricweapons finiteresources friendlyfire ghosts giants glowingeyes humblebundle indicator-range indie java license-crossplatform lighthearted luna lwjgl mars mines missionbased mode-survival moon multipleworlds npcdeflection openal openfield opengl playerprofiles powerups ramparts reload-auto reload-manual remix resourceharvesting retro robots rockets saturn splittingcreatures steampowered steamworks stunning suicideattackers thoroughfares timecompression title-static towerdefense undefinedelements unlockable-modes upgradesystem
Sol Survivor  Cadenza Interactive (Cadenza Interactive)2010 achievements achievements-public activeabilityset alienmenace aliens anticipatoryfacing artillery aspectratio-auto beamweapons boosters burning chemicalweapons cloakednpcs color-32bit colorblind colorful csharplanguage damageovertime damagetypes demo difficulty difficulty-players drm droppods electricweapons elevation-fake empweapons emweapons encyclopedia enemyhealthdisplay energyweapons flamethrowers gameplayinn giants helicopters impulsereactor indicator-range inexplicabletrajectories insectoids laserweapons levelprogress machineguns militantprotagonist minimumrange mode-survival mortars mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-survival netframework netranking npcteleporting nuclearweapons orbitalweapons paidkilling proprietarynetwork pve pvefocus pvp radialmenu radiationweapons robots rotaryguns safeweapons saveonline score serverbrowser shieldbreakers shieldpenetrators shotguns socialnetwork splittingcreatures steampowered steamworks supportpowers tanks towerdefense toweroffense tripeds tutorial tutorial-interactive upgradesystem volcanic walkers war warfare-air warfare-land waves windowsmedia winqual wintery x360pad xinput xnaframework
The White Laboratory (White Lab) TAO (TAO)2010 demo indie steampowered towerdefense
System Protocol One  While True Fork (While True Fork)2010 achievements achievements-public autopause-lostfocus damageinfo demo directx9 healthvisualization levelprogress netranking nocampaign nostory openfield paidkilling playerstats ramparts score spatiallogic steampowered steamworks story-none structureupgrades towerdefense unitlimit unity-engine virtualreality waves
Commander  Ephemere Games (Ephemere Games)2011 actionstrategy alienmenace asteroids beamweapons demo directx9 errorreporting fanfunding guidedweapons hybridgame indie leveleditor levelprogress netframework paidkilling pixelated playablemenu prototype retro rockets score selfupdate structureupgrades towerdefense ugc unlimitedammo upgradesystem waves xinput xnaframework zoom
Sanctum  Coffee Stain Studios;Lace Mamba (Coffee Stain Studios)2011 3ormoreplayers achillesheelfoes actionstrategy addons alienmenace aliens alone assaultrifles autosavepoints bink bright crepuscularrays cryogenicweapons damageinfo deathless dedicatedclient depthoffield difficulty directconnect elevators eliteprotagonist encyclopedia erraticfoes femaleprotagonist flyingsporepods freeexpansions gibs indie jumping knockback leveleditor lightbloom locationaldamage militantprotagonist minionstats mp-cooperative multiphased nocampaign noports openfield opponentpreview physx precisionrifles ramparts rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 rockets sanctum-series scaleform screenshake serverbrowser shadermodel3 shotguns singlesave sizeispower solomission speechsynthesis ssao steampowered story-none structureupgrades teleporters teleporting towerdefense turrets tutorial tutorial-interactive unrealdevkit unrealengine3 upgradesystem vibrant voicechat walking waves weaponupgrades winvista winxp
Creeper World 2: Redemption Knuckle Cracker (Knuckle Cracker)2011 creeperworld-series distantfuture flash future license-crossplatform towerdefense
iBomber Defense  Chillingo (Cobra Mobile)2011 achievements achievements-public activepause africa boosters burning destructiblestructures difficulty earth elevation europe grid grid-square ibomber-series interest levelprogress license-crossplatform missionbased mode-skirmish openal paidkilling prerenderedbackgrounds repairing russia score steampowered steamworks structureupgrades timecompression towerdefense tutorial tutorial-noninteractive undo upgradesystem wasteland waves
Shepherd Slaughter Blindhack Software (Blindhack Software)2011 blood commercial doors dragons fiery keys license-proprietary magic mapgenerator meleeweapons overworld prehistoric-theme pyglet pythonlanguage roguelike sheep subterranean swords tilebased towerdefense xp-literal xp-objects
Orcs Must Die!  Robot Entertainment (Robot Entertainment)2011 actionstrategy activeabilityset alone caninoids caricature chapterreplay chapterreplay-superseding conversion cpplanguage crossbows cryokinesis demo electrokinesis elves envcombat everyonesdead giantbats gibs gnolls humanoids jumping knights kobolds langbrazil-port lastofakind lava locationaldamage macho magic medieval meleeweapons mysticprotagonist ogres oneofakind orcs orcsmustdie-series paidkilling pyrokinesis ramparts rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 reanimators rookieprotagonist score sorcery splatter structurefacing suicideattackers tilebased towerdefense trapping undead upgradesystem visionengine walking warriorprotagonist
Dungeon Defenders  Trendy Entertainment (Trendy Entertainment)2011 3ormoreplayers abilitycooldown actionstrategy adv-ptdistr advancingattacks ancientenemy autorun bossbattles classbased classicwizards colorful cpplanguage crossbows crossworldcharacters crystals damageinfo dedicatedclient demons destructiblestructures difficulty difficulty-charscaling difficulty-players directx9 download dragons dungeondefenders-series elitemobs elves enemyhealthdisplay firearms gamespy giantspiders goblinoids goblins hackandslash handguns hugeweapons indicator-range indie itemgenerator itemglow itempickup-attract itempickup-auto jinn jumping levelbasedeq levelcap levelprogress loot-random lootemup magic map meleeweapons minionstats mode-challenge mode-survival mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-crossaddon mp-crossplatform mp-dropin mp-hostaddons mp-matchmaking mp-mixed multiphased mysticprotagonist mystics namegenerator necromancers nofalldamage npchealing npchealing obsoletedassets ogres orcs paidkilling physx playablelobby playerstats polearms radar radialmenu ramparts rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-16 repairing restaurant rooftops rookieprotagonist sauroids score scoremultipliers shadermodel2 sharedlimitations sizeispower skeletons slowprojectiles sorcery spawners staves steamworks structurefacing structureupgrades suicideattackers summoning supportnpcs sweepingstrikes swords towerdefense trapping unrealdevkit unrealengine3 upgradesystem uvl-missingimages vibrant voicechat vorbis walking waves winvista winxp wxwidgets wyverns x360pad xp-kills xp-progress zoom