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Sengoku Rance (戦国ランス;Range 7;ランス7)  Alice Soft (Alice Soft)2006 adv-objects animehair anthropomorphicanimals antiheroprotagonist aristocrats assystem4 authoravatar autosavepoints changinggoals combatanimals damageinfo deathtraps demons-eastern directx9 earth enemyhealthdisplay fantranslated formations giantbirds grid grid-irregular harem hybridgame imprisoning ingametitle initiative japan localelimit magic monologues monsters mystics newgameplus ninja npcstrife odanobunaga outlanderprotagonist papercharms paralleluniverse past pawn playerexposition polycephalids rance-series rebellion sabotage samurai savepoints score screenshake sengokuperiod sentientartefact slavery sluts staticresolution timeunits tooltips undefinedelements unification visualnovel war warriorprotagonist win2k win98 winxp
Sengoku (戦国;Sengoku: Way of the Warrior)  Paradox Interactive (Paradox Development Studio)2011 15thcentury 16thcentury clausewitz-engine dedicatedclient demo diplomacy directx9 earth feudaljapan grandstrategy grid grid-irregular japan rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 sengokuperiod steampowered unification winvista winxp
The Last Federation (TLF)  Arcen Games (Arcen Games)2014 aliens bribing combatmode difficulty difficulty-aspects download eventlog fractionals freelancing gog humblestore humblewidget hybridgame hydrae imprisoning interspecificconflict nonhumanprotagonist outlaws paidkilling politics resourceallocation robots sabotage slavery space spacecraft steampowered tactical undefinedelements unification zoom