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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition  Capcom (Capcom)2007 1life achillesheelfoes aliens ambienttemperature amnesia aspectratio-16-9 assaultrifles bossbattles capacity-toolslots chargers color-16f compass demo difficulty directx10 directx9 dolbysurround download drm drm-activation dualanalog dying energyweapons explosiveobjects extraterrestrial firearms future grapplinghook grenades havokphysics hive hypothermia ice-theme insectoids installoslimit jumping lasso letterbox limitedcapacity lostplanet mecha missionbased mtframework naturalhazards nonstandardcontroller npcgenerators otherworld rockets serious shadermodel3 singlesave skipnoninteractive spacefaringage steampowered steamworks subterranean tangiblecorpses undefinedhealing unwieldyweapons uvl-imagequality walker walking widescreen wintery winvista winxp x360pad x86-sse x86-sse2
Duskers  Misfits Attic (Misfits Attic)2016 aliens alone alphafunding automap blankprotagonist capacity-slots chromaticaberration diaries difficulty-aspects directx9 distortedvision doors doors-breakable drones fuel gog hijacking humblewidget keyboard limitedcapacity mapgenerator metainterface noreinforcements randomevents randomstartingequipment remotecontrol robots screennoise shadermodel2 singlecontroller singlesave space spacecraft-location steampowered tasktracker towing typing unity-engine unseenprotagonist winxp wordinput x86-sse2
Colonies Online Iron Bit (Iron Bit)TBA alphafunding blue mmog openpvp pvp shadermodel2 steampowered x86-sse2
Albion Online Sandbox Interactive (Sandbox Interactive)TBA alphafunding closedbeta directx10 download indevelopment medieval mmog payoncemmo pvp x86-sse2