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From Dust  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montpellier)2011 alienanimals ambientcreatures bink changingenvironment collective depthoffield directx9 drm drm-login drm-online erosion flood genderneutral geokinesis giantworms godgame humidity hydrokinesis island launcher lava liquidphysics magic music-theme naturaldisasters oddnature periodiccalamities precursors rating-esrb-e10 screenshake search serialkey shadermodel3 sorcery spreadingvegetation structurerelocation subtropic terraindeformation tides tribals ubisoft-osp uplay volcanic wasteland wildfire wildlife winvista winxp x360pad x86-sse x86-sse3 zoom
Battlezone 98 Redux Rebellion (Big Boat Interactive)2016 1life basebuilding battlezone blankprotagonist control-individuals directcontrol directx10 directx11 driving europa extraterrestrial facelessprotagonist fpsrts future grouping harvesters hillland hovertank hovervehicle infantry io landvehicle leaderparticipation mecha militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased moon mp-lms multiplecampaigns otherworld outdoors proportionalworld redscare resourcegeneration resourceharvesting serious spacefaringage steampowered supervisorprotagonist tank tanks tutorial walkers walking weaponsplatforms win10 win8 winvista winxp x86-sse3