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HAL Wrestling (Pro Wrestling;プロレス)  HAL Laboratory (Human)1990 prowrestling
WWF Superstars  LJN;Hot-B (Rare)1991 consoleclassix prowrestling
Kinnikuman: The Dream Match (Kinnikuman DM)  Yutaka (Toei)1992 kinnikuman manga prowrestling
WWF Superstars 2  LJN (Sculptured Software)1992 consoleclassix difficulty prowrestling
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Sanjushi (New Japan Pro Wrestling)  Varie (Varie)1993 difficulty prowrestling
WCW: Main Event  FCI (Beam Software)1993 consoleclassix prowrestling
WWF King of the Ring  Acclaim (LJN)1993 consoleclassix difficulty prowrestling
Ring Rage  Natsume (Taito)1993 prowrestling
WWF Raw  LJN (Realtime Associates)1994 consoleclassix difficulty prowrestling
Zen Nihon ProWrestling Jet (All Japan ProWrestling Jet)  NCS (NCS)1994 difficulty prowrestling savepassword supergameboy
WWF Warzone (WWF War Zone)  Acclaim (Probe;Crawfish Interactive)1998 consoleclassix prowrestling savepassword