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Fooseball (Table Soccer) ?? soccer tablefootball todo-verifyexistence
Soccer Mania (Soccer Boy)  Sony;Sony Imagesoft (Kitty Group)1990 consoleclassix soccer
Football International (Soccer)  Bandai;Tonkin House (Bandai;Tonkin House)1991 soccer uvl-confusable
Nintendo World Cup (World Cup)  Nintendo;Technos (Nintendo;Technos)1991 kunio nekketsu rating-esrb-e soccer worldchampionship
Super Kick Off (Pro Soccer)  Imagineer;Anco Software (Enigma Variations)1991 kickoff-series soccer
Captain Tsubasa VS (キャプテン翼VS)  Tecmo (Tecmo)1992 captaintsubasa soccer uvl-tiein
J.League Fighting Soccer: The King of Ace Strikers  IGS Corp. (IGS Corp.)1992 soccer
Magnetic Soccer  Nintendo (Nintendo)1992 soccer tablefootball
Goal! (Ace Striker;J. Cup Soccer)  Jaleco (Jaleco)1993 soccer
FIFA International Soccer  THQ;EA Sports (Probe;Malibu Games)1994 consoleclassix fifa fifa-series soccer supergameboy
Sensible Soccer  Sony Imagesoft (Sensible Software;Enigma Variations)1994 sensiblesoccer-series soccer
World Cup USA 94  U.S. Gold;Sunsoft (Tiertex)1994 soccer worldchampionship
J.League Winning Goal (J-League Winning Goal)  Electronic Arts (GRC)1994 difficulty soccer
World Cup Striker (Elite Soccer;Soccer)  Gametek;Rage Software;Elite (Denton Designs)1994 soccer supergameboy uvl-confusable worldchampionship
Aoki Densetsu Shoot!  Banpresto (Banpresto)1995 soccer supergameboy
Captain Tsubasa J - Zenkoku Seiha Heno Chousen (キャプテン翼J 全国制覇への挑戦)  Bandai (Bandai)1995 captaintsubasa soccer supergameboy uvl-tiein
FIFA Soccer 96 (FIFA Soccer '96)  THQ;EA Sports (Probe;Black Pearl Software)1995 fifa fifa-series noconsoleclassix soccer supergameboy
J.League Live 95  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1995 soccer supergameboy
Matthias Sammer Soccer (J.League Big Wave Soccer)  Laguna;Tomy (Tomy;Jupiter)1995 soccer supergameboy
FIFA Soccer 97 (FIFA 97)  EA Sports (Tiertex Design Studios)1996 fifa fifa-series noconsoleclassix soccer supergameboy
FIFA: Road to the World Cup '98 (FIFA '98: The Road to the World Cup;World Cup 98)  THQ;EA Sports (Tiertex Design Studios)1997 fifa fifa-series noconsoleclassix soccer supergameboy worldchampionship
J.League Supporter Soccer  J-Wing (J-Wing)1998 soccer supergameboy
Nihon Daiyou Soccer  Tomy (Jupiter)1998 soccer supergameboy
International Superstar Soccer (World Soccer GB)  Konami (KCE Nagoya)1998 consoleclassix difficulty iss soccer supergameboy