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Little Master: Raikubaan no Densetsu (リトルマスター ライクバーンの伝説)  Tokuma Shoten Intermedia (Zener Works)1991 littlemaster-series tactical tacticalrpg
Super Robot Taisen (Super Robot Wars)  Banpresto (Banpresto)1991 giantrobots grid grid-square superrobotwars tacticalrpg uvl-tiein
Little Master 2: Kaminari Hikari no Kishi (リトルマスター2 雷光の騎士)  Tokuma Shoten Intermedia (Zener Works)1992 littlemaster-series tactical tacticalrpg
Another Bible (アナザ・バイブル)  Atlus (Atlus)1995 grid grid-square megaten tacticalrpg
Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen G (Super Robot Taisen 2 G;Super Robot Wars 2 G;2nd Super Robot Wars G)  Banpresto (Banpresto)1995 grid grid-square supergameboy superrobotwars tacticalrpg uvl-tiein