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Ultraman Club: Teki Kaijuu o Hakken Seyo! (ウルトラマン倶楽部 敵怪獣ヲ発見セヨ!)  Bandai (Tose)1990 combatmode grid grid-square tvseries ultraman
Ultraman  Bec (Bec)1991 giantmonsters tvseries ultraman
Cult Master: Ultraman ni Miserarete (CultMaster)  Bandai (Tsuburaya)1993 giantmonsters tvseries ultraman
Thunderbirds (Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds)  ITC Entertainment (ITC Entertainment)1993 thunderbirds tvseries
SeaQuest DSV  Malibu Games (Unexpected Development)1994 consoleclassix earth future latemodernperiod robots submarine supergameboy tvseries underwater