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Dragon Buster  Namco (Namco)1987 bossbattles cave chiroptera dragons ladders magic meleeweapons midairjumping monsters mystics nofalldamage rescue skeletons snakes spiders subterranean swords walking zombies
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (忍者くん 阿修羅ノ章;Mr. Ninja: Ashura's Chapter)  HAL Laboratory (HAL Laboratory)1987 bossbattles chiroptera crocodiles diving falldamage fish lives ninja ninjakun-series ninjaprotagonist octopus score skeletons spiders throwingstars thrownweapons timelimit undead underwater wallclimbing walljumping
Seikima II Special (聖飢魔IIスペシャル)  Sony (ISCO)1987 cemetery claiming forest moneybags monsters musicband nofalldamage rescue score snakes spiders thrownweapons upgradesystem walking