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Summoner  THQ (Volition)2000 actionadventure actionrpg city demons destiny elementals group inventory katar lasthope magic meleeweapons monsters nojumping premadeprotagonist rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-t separated shopping sorcery summoner summoning swords titularcharacter undead unusualprotagonist walking
Dark Cloud (ダーククラウド)  SCE (Level-5)2000 actionrpg darkcloud hunger jigglephysics mapgenerator mimics plantcreatures roses-other
Eternal Quest (Simple 2000 Series Vol. 20: The Dungeon RPG ~Mamono no Sumushiro~;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 20: THE ダンジョンRPG 忍 ~魔物の棲む城~) Midas Interactive Entertainment (Tamsoft)2002 actionrpg automap budget maleprotagonist meleeweapons simple2000 swords
Kingdom Hearts (キングダム ハーツ)  Square (Square)2002 ♫baldmountain actionrpg bookends cliffhanger crossover darkisevil disney exoticweapons finalfantasy greatesthits hammerspace kingdomhearts minigames multiverse peterpan platinum polyplopicenemies rating-acb-g rating-acb-g8 rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-7 refaliceinwonderland roses sentientartefact sequence-vehicle shadows unchosenone uvl-tiein weaponplot winniethepooh
Summoner 2  THQ (Volition)2002 actionadventure actionrpg aristocratprotagonist estate fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse godlingprotagonist highbornprotagonist inventory magic meleeweapons nojumping premadeprotagonist rating-esrb-t rating-sell-12 sciencefantasy serious shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping sorcery summoner swords unconvincingarmor unusualprotagonist uvl-missingimages walking
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (Ultimate Hits キングダムハーツ - ファイナルミックス -)  Square Enix (Square Enix)2002 actionrpg crossover disney exoticweapons finalfantasy kingdomhearts multiverse refaliceinwonderland sentientartefact shadows weaponplot winniethepooh
Dark Cloud 2 (ダーククロニクル;Dark Chronicle)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Level-5)2003 actionrpg buildingdesigning circadiancycle crafting darkcloud falseending fishing groundslamming jigglephysics mapgenerator mimics photographing ragers
Arc the Lad: End of Darkness (Arc the Lad: Generation)  Sony Computer Entertainment;Namco (Cattle Call)2004 actionrpg arcthelad genrechange rating-esrb-t tactical tacticalrpg
Shining Tears  Sega (Amusement Vision)2004 actionrpg anime shining-series
Shining Force NEO (シャイニング・フォース ネオ)  Sega (Neverland)2005 actionrpg shining-series
Kingdom Hearts II (Kingdom Hearts 2)  Square Enix (Square Enix)2005 actionrpg crossover disney dolbyprologic2 exoticweapons finalfantasy greatesthits kingdomhearts multiverse nonsequiturs platinum roses roses-red sentientartefact shadows supermode weaponplot winniethepooh
Shining Force EXA (シャイニング・フォース イクサ)  Sega (Neverland)2007 actionrpg rating-esrb-e10 roses-blue shining-series
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+  Square Enix (Square Enix)2007 actionrpg crossover disney exoticweapons finalfantasy kingdomhearts multiverse roses roses-red sentientartefact shadows weaponplot winniethepooh
Shining Wind  Sega (Sega)2007 actionrpg anime shining-series
Odin Sphere (オーディンスフィア)  Atlus (Vanillaware)2007 actionrpg adv-static agriculture alternatingprotagonist animals bizarreflora blocking bossbattles capacity-slots cave chapters chargers chemistry containers cooking crystals currency-split difficulty difficulty-ingame dissolvingitems dragons elimination forest framestory frequentloading gameprogress giants gliding hackandslash healingitems highbornprotagonist hypermuscles inventory itempickup-normal jewelry jumping knights leporoids levelselection limitedcapacity magic magicweapons meleeweapons midairjumping minibosses minimap multipleperspectives mystics mythicfiction neutralnpcs nonlinearstory obsoletedassets oopcharacters perspectiveflip plains polearms potions prophecy puppetanimation radar rating-esrb-t redeemingbeatdown rpgelements score seeds shopping sorcery spears spiritualsuccessor spritemorphing stamina stylized summery sweepingstrikes swords town tutorial valkyries volcanic walking war wingedhumanoids wintery worldtree wrappingworld xp-multi xp-objects
Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut (テイルズ オブ デスティニー ディレクターズカット)  Bandai Namco Games (Namco Tales Studio)2008 actionrpg rating-cero-a uvl-missingimages