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Final Fantasy X (FFX)  Square;SCE Europe (Square)2001 abominations adaptivetools adv-ptdistr beastmen bellyofawhale bizarrecreatures bonusbosses bossbattles capacity-unlimited cassandradilemma characterlinkedclass chekhovsgun cipherlang classbased combatmode death difficulty-single dreams encounters-random enemyscan fantasyworld fictionaluniverse finalfantasy fistloads ghosts giantbirds giantmonsters greatesthits group initiative inventory madeupsport magic meleeweapons monsters multilingual plains platinum premadeprotagonist psychopomps ragtaggang rating-cero-b rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-t rating-pegi-12 ruins sacrificiallamb samsara socketables sorcery statuseffects summoning supernaturalprotagonist turnbasedcombat ultimatehits unarmedfighting unusualprotagonist viciouscycle xp-undefined
Ico  Sony Computer Entertainment (Team Ico)2001 1life archaicearth artlang bilingualdialogue bludgeons book childprotagonist companion constrainedlocale deathless deathpits did difficulty-single environmentalpuzzle escape fortress ico improvisedweapons interactivetriggers jumping knockback knockdown ledges monsters nohud oneofakind pressureplates protect puzzlebosses rating-esrb-t rescue ruins safeledges savepoints scenic serious shadows speech-gibberish titularcharacter uniqueprotagonist uvl-missingimages walking
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter (Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter;ブレス オブ ファイアV ドラゴンクォーター;Breath of Fire 5;BoF5)  Capcom;CE Europe (Capcom)2002 adv-objects adv-static amoeboids anticipatorystockpiles automap biorobots bossbattles breathoffire capacity-slots chiroptera chosenone classbased combatmode difficulty-single dragons dragons-western elevators faerierealm fallbackweapon forgottenpast group handguns healingitems industrial-setting insectoids isopods kemonomimi limitedcapacity loot-random magic meleeweapons midastouch mimics minigames minotaurs monsters obsoletedassets performanceissues physicalgods plantcreatures premadeprotagonist protagonistnaming rebellion researchfacility rewardingvandalism robots savepoints savetokens settlementminigame shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping sorcery stash statuseffects stealingnpcs subterranean subway suidoids supermode swords tactical teenprotagonist timeunits town traproom turnbasedcombat uvl-missingimages walkers walking weaklingprotagonist wingedhumanoids wintery xp-kills
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (Star Ocean 3;スターオーシャン ティルジエンドオブタイム)  Enix (tri-Ace)2003 29thcentury 3rdmillennium adv-undefined alienplanet currency-universal difficulty-single dolbysurround encyclopedia epic extraterrestrial future group group-subset health-multi humanweapon interplanetarytravel inventory magic magic-science manaburn meleeweapons neutralnpcs noports planetaryromance premadeprotagonist shopping sorcery spacefaringage spacestation starocean stranded strangebedfellows swords techdisparity uvl-missingimages visionaryplan xp-undefined
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's Cut (Star Ocean 3;スターオーシャン ティルジエンドオブタイム)  Square Enix;Ubisoft (tri-Ace)2004 29thcentury 3rdmillennium achievements adv-ptdistr adv-static amoeboids aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 boreal bossbattles combatmode compass containers currency-universal difficulty difficulty-single disproportionalworld dodging dolbyprologic2 dolbysurround dragons encyclopedia energyitems energystations epic equipmentbased extraterrestrial forest fortress future giantmonsters grinding group group-subset group-switch healingitems healingstations health-multi humanweapon interplanetarytravel inventory kemonomimi ladders loot-random luna magic magic-science manaburn meleeweapons mine monsters moon neutralnpcs noports npcspawning obsoletedassets otherworld pain planetaryromance premadeprotagonist researchfacility robots ruins savepoints scientists shopping skipnoninteractive sorcery spacefaringage spacestation stamina starocean statuseffects stranded strangebedfellows swords techdisparity temperate town ultimatehits universallanguage uvl-missingimages visionaryplan walking widescreen xp-kills xp-literal xp-shared
Ōkami (大神)  Capcom (Clover Studio)2006 4thwallbroken achillesheelfoes actionadventure adv-xpdistr aerokinesis aimassist ancientenemy animalpeople animalprotagonist animateobjects arthouse avianoids bellyofawhale birds blobshadows bloodmoon bombs burrowers canidaeprotagonist capacity-unlimited cattle centauroids cervids chargedattack chickens circadiancycle city clovers combatmode counselor curse darkisevil darkness-theme deities demons derelict difficulty-single digging dissolvingitems dodging dogs dolbyprologic2 domesticcats doppelgangers dragons dragons-eastern drawing dualwielding ether evilisgood excretion exoticweapons fishing forest foxes ghosts giantinsects giantmonsters giantspiders godlingprotagonist hapticfeedback highfantasy homingboulders horses humanmonsters hydrae incarnateddivines inventory invisiblewalls island japanesemythology jigglephysics keys lagomorphs magic mice midairjumping minigames monsters mythicalprotagonist mythicfiction nature-theme newgameplus nightingales npcspawning oddappliances okami-series pigs plains plethoraofreferences polycephalids portals precursors primates projectiledeflection puzzlebosses quicktimeevent raccoons rating-esrb-t recurringopponent religion restoration retelling retrypoints rewardingvandalism robots ruins savepoints sciencefantasy seamonsters seers selfsacrifice shapeshifters sheep shinto shopping shore silentprotagonist slowmotion sorcery spacecraft-location spacedemons speech-gibberish speedbuildup stylized substitutespeaker subterranean supernaturalprotagonist swimming tigers timechange timecontrol timetravel titlementioned titularcharacter tower town transformingpresence trees tutorial unarmedfighting underwater unnoticedbynormals ursines vendortrash vernal walking walljumping waterwalk whips wildboars windcontrol windmills wintery wolves xp-deeds
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning  Vivendi Universal Games (Krome Studios)2006 actionadventure adv-ptdistr aimassist ancientenemy animalpeople aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints bossbattles breathweapons charging counselor crystals difficulty-single dissolvingcorpses dolbyprologic2 dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western elevatorbattle falldamage flyingislands forest giantfungi gliding heroprotagonist insectoids ledges legendofspyro magic midairjumping mine monsters mushroomforest mythicalprotagonist naturalweapons noenergyregen nohumans primates rage rating-esrb-e10 reboot rescue retrypoints rewardingvandalism slavery spyro subterranean temple titularcharacter treants tutorial unarmedfighting uniqueprotagonist walking widescreen wintery
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night  Sierra Entertainment (Krome Studios)2007 actionadventure adv-objects adv-ptdistr aicheat ancientenemy animalpeople anticipatorystockpiles aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 autosavepoints bossbattles breathweapons bullettime caninoids chargedattack childprotagonist cloakednpcs deadlywater difficulty-single dissolvingcorpses dragonprotagonist dreamworld elements falldamage flyingislands forest giantfungi giantmonsters gliding insectoids legendofspyro lostpowers magic midairjumping monsters movingplatforms mushroomforest mythicalprotagonist noenergyregen npcteleporting pain pirates primates rage rating-esrb-e10 recurringopponent retrypoints sequence-turret skyships spyro teleport temple titularcharacter treants tutorial unarmedfighting unusualprotagonist walking widescreen
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon  Vivendi Games;Activision (Étranges Libellules)2008 actionadventure adv-objects adv-ptdistr ancientenemy apocalyptic aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 bonusbosses bossbattles breathweapons burrowers cave childprotagonist city colossi combomoves companion cooperation crystals dam difficulty-single dodging dolbydigital dragonprotagonist elevators felinoids flying forest ghosts giantmonsters gliding grappling inorganics invisiblewalls itemsets ladders ledges legendofspyro magic midairjumping monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin multiprotagonists mythicalprotagonist noenergyregen nofalldamage quicktimeevent rage rating-esrb-e10 retrypoints rewardingvandalism ruins sequence-defend speech-gibberish spyro subterranean thedestroyer title-animated title-cinematic titularcharacter town tutorial unarmedfighting unduehaste volcanic walking widescreen