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Silent Hill 2  Konami (Team Silent)2001 actionadventure dimensionaltravel earth faceless fog grotesque hammerspace imaginarybeings isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale juggernauts latemodernperiod limitedsupplies monsters multipleendings nohud northamerica overcast parallelreality paranormal present psychologicalhorror rating-esrb-m sequence-defend serious silenthill stationaryattack survivalhorror symbolic titularlocale town urbanfantasy weather-persistent
Run Like Hell (RLH;异种追击;ラン・ライク・ヘル)  Interplay;Capcom (Digital Mayhem)2002 1life actionadventure alieninvasion aliens alternateattack ammomagazines assaultrifles automap biogrowth bossbattles cliffhanger controllayouts dolbyprologic2 dolbysurround doors fallbackweapon firearms grotesque guidedweapons guidedweapons-pilot hapticfeedback indoors interspecificconflict juggernauts livingweapons maleprotagonist map militantprotagonist monsters noports openended parasites plasmaweapons quicktimeevent remotecontrol renderwareengine retrypoints sequelhook sequence-escape serious shotguns sonicweapons spacestation splittingcreatures stunning suicideattackers targetlock tragedy tutorial upgrades-permanent upgradesystem uvl-insignificanttags uvl-missingimages voiceovers walking weaponupgrades
Silent Hill 3  Konami (Konami Team Silent)2003 actionadventure antivillain bodyhorror chekhovsgun dimensionaltravel earth femaleprotagonist grotesque isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale juggernauts latemodernperiod multipleendings necessaryevil northamerica parallelreality paranormal pastlifememories present psychologicalhorror rating-esrb-m serious silenthill stationaryattack survivalhorror town urbanfantasy
Haunting Ground (デメント;Demento)  Capcom (Capcom Entertainment)2005 actionadventure anxiety autumnal castle clothingchanges companion constrainedlocale controllayouts controlmalfunction defenseless distortedvision dodging doors fanservice fearofnothing femaleprotagonist gore graybrown healingitems healthregen hiding idlenoise inventory itemglow juggernauts keys laboratory ladders multipleendings nohud overpowered pacifisthorror paranormal pet rating-esrb-m rewardingvandalism savepoints spiritualsuccessor stamina stumbling survivalhorror teenprotagonist unarmedfighting walking willowisps