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Zone of the Enders (ZOE)  Konami (Konami)2001 22ndcentury childprotagonist childsoldiers city difficulty energyshields energyweapons extraterrestrial fallbackweapon future guidedweapons guidedweapons-lock hammerspace healthpickups hoverflight jupiter meatshield mecha meleeweapons otherworld predefinedcontrols savepoints serious spacefaringage spacestation swarmweapons swords targetlock tutorial uselessadults uvl-missingimages voiceovers volleyweapons zoe-series
Ghosthunter (幽灵猎手)  Namco;SCEE (SCEE Studio Cambridge)2003 1life achillesheelfoes arcanetechnology aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 astralprojection bossbattles capturing crocodilians death display-480p dolbyprologic2 dolbysurround energyweapons fallbackweapon falseending forest ghosts giantmonsters grenadelaunchers handguns hapticfeedback ingameintro ladders lawenforcerprotagonist mansion monsters noports paranormal precisionrifles predefinedcontrols saveanywhere school scrapyard sentientmachines shotguns undeadmenace uvl-missingimages voiceovers walking wetland widescreen
Zombie Hunters (THE お姉チャンプルゥ ~THE 姉チャン 特別編~;The OneeChanpurū ~ The Onechan Special Chapter ~;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 80: The Onēchamploo ~The Neechan Toketsuban~;Simple 2000 Series Vol. 80: THE お姉チャンプルゥ ~THE姉チャン特別編~)  D3 Publisher;505 Game Street (Tamsoft)2005 21stcentury actionadventure adv-ptdistr alone blood-motif bossbattles budget city city-tokyo-jp difficulty dismemberment dodging fanservice femaleprotagonist gore hackandslash jumping keys knockback knockup loot-random meleeweapons midairjumping midastouch noports objectiveindicator onechanbara predefinedcontrols radar rage revenge savepoints simple2000 splatter staining swords traproom undead undeadmenace undefinedelements uvl-missingimages walking warriorprotagonist xp-kills zombieapocalypse zombies