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Silent Scope  Konami (KCE Studios)2000 rating-esrb-m silentscope
Extermination (エクスターミネーション)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Deep Space)2001 2000s 21stcentury aimmode airducts antarctica assaultrifles bodyhorror chainreactions clingers collectibles dark-limited diaries earth explosiveobjects falldamage fallimpact gore grotesque health-multi itemglow jumping knives ladders lamp ledges limitedsupplies militantprotagonist militaryfiction modularequipment monkeybars monsters mutagen mutants nearfuture prerenderedingamecinematics rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m researchfacility restorepower savepoints secretfacility selectivefire shallowwater stationaryattack subtitledeficient survivalhorror turrets walking wintery youngadultprotagonist
Onimusha: Warlords  Capcom;Virgin Interactive (Capcom Entertainment)2001 hackandslash onimusha platinum rating-esrb-m
Quake III Revolution (Quake 3 Revolution)  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)2001 firstpersonshooter quake-series rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m
Red Faction (RF)  THQ (Volition)2001 2070s 21stcentury alternateattack ammomagazines anatomicdamage bombs bossbattles civilianprotagonist cyborgs destructibleenvironment difficulty difficulty-ingame driving elevators extraterrestrial falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future geomod-engine giantmonsters greatesthits grenades humanexperiments industrial-setting locationaldamage mars mine nanotechnology nonlinear platinum politicalcorruption powerplant rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m rebellion rebelprotagonist redfaction robots rockets saveanywhere secrets sequence-stealth shields spacefaringage splatter stunning stunprods submarine subterranean suppression swimming thermalweapons titulargroup tunnelborer tutorial underwaterdiving
Rune: Viking Warlord  Take 2 Interactive (Human Head Studios)2001 actionadventure axes blocking bludgeons clothingchanges defensebreaking divinemenace hackandslash ledges meleeweapons norsemythology rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m shields swords throwanything underworld unrealengine unrealengine1 vikings warriorprotagonist
Silent Scope 2: Dark Silhouette (Silent Scope 2: Fatal Judgement;Silent Scope 2: Innocent Sweeper)  Konami (KCET)2001 rating-adese-13 rating-esrb-m
Silent Hill 2  Konami (Team Silent)2001 actionadventure dimensionaltravel earth faceless fog grotesque hammerspace imaginarybeings isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale juggernauts latemodernperiod limitedsupplies monsters multipleendings nohud northamerica overcast parallelreality paranormal present psychologicalhorror rating-esrb-m sequence-defend serious silenthill stationaryattack survivalhorror symbolic titularlocale town urbanfantasy weather-persistent
Soldier of Fortune: Gold Edition  Majesco;Codemasters (Pipedream)2001 firearms firstpersonshooter handguns rating-bbfc-18 rating-esrb-m sofseries solomission
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (MGS2)  Konami (Konami)2001 4thwallbroken alternatetimeline cc earth ectsaward falseprotagonist meatshield metalgear nudity platinum rating-bbfc-15 rating-cero-c rating-esrb-m rating-sell-16 stealth
Half-Life  Sierra (Gearbox Software)2001 2000s 21stcentury 3plusfactions abnormalammo absolutearmor airducts alieninvasion aliens ambientcreatures ammomagazines anticipatorystockpiles autosavepoints blankprotagonist blindcreatures bludgeons bombs bookends bossbattles burrowers catastrophe chargingweapons cliff crates crossbows dam damageindicator dimensionaltravel directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface earth elevatorbattle elevators energyshields ether firearms firstpersonshooter flyingislands friendlyfire genderdiscrepancy gibs goldsrc-engine halflife hazmatsuit healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning hud-explained humanoids hunted idlenoise ingameintro jargon jumping latemodernperiod lostequipment meleeweapons modifiable newmexico northamerica npcstrife otherworld overcharging overkill pandorasbox parasites portals powerarmor quakeengine radiotap rating-esrb-m reload-auto reload-manual researchfacility rewardingvandalism rockets science-theme scientistprotagonist scientists secretfacility sessilecreatures silentprotagonist singlegender starfishaliens teleport teleporters tentaclecreatures voiceovers walkingarmory wasteprocessingstation windowentry
Max Payne  Rockstar Games (Remedy Entertainment;Rockstar Toronto)2001 ammomagazines apartmentbuilding armyofone assaultrifles atlastmoment autosavepoints aybabtu bullettime city comiccutscenes containers crimefiction difficulty dodging doors dualwielding falselyaccused firearms gameplayinn gangsters greatesthits grenades grounddiving handguns healingitems hotel incendiarygrenades jumping lawenforcerprotagonist maxfx-engine maxpayne-series meninblack movie naturalistic neutralnpcs noir organizedcrime personalquest platinum precisionrifles purpleprose rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m restorepower rewardingvandalism rooftops saveanywhere shotguns slaughterhouse slowmotion submachineguns subway titlementioned titularcharacter tutorial vigilanteprotagonist walking wintery
Die Hard: Vendetta Vivendi Universal;Sierra On-Line (Bits Studios)2002 firstpersonshooter movie rating-esrb-m
Shadow Man: 2econd Coming  Acclaim (Acclaim Studios Teesside)2002 comic rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m serious
Blood Omen 2 (Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2;Blood Omen 2 - The Legacy of Kain Series)  Eidos (Crystal Dynamics)2002 actionadventure antiheroprotagonist bossbattles darkfantasy gothic gothicarchitecture healthdraining jumping legacyofkain mindcontrolling nosgoth possession powermimicry psychicpowers psychics rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m recurrence recurrence-character revenge serious titularcharacter vampireprotagonist vampires voiceovers walking weaponplot
Savage Skies  Bam! Entertainment;Success;Big Ben Interactive (iRock Interactive)2002 rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m
Legion: The Legend of Excalibur  Midway (7 Studios)2002 arthurianmyth medieval rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m
The Mark of Kri  Sony Computer Entertainment (Sony Computer Entertainment America)2002 rating-cero-c rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m
The Thing (Das Ding aus einer anderen Welt;突变怪物;Нечто;Yuusei kara no Buttai X: Episode II;La Cosa)  Black Label Games (Computer Artworks)2002 achillesheelfoes actionadventure amalgams ambienttemperature antarctica atlastmoment bodyhorror bossbattles conspiracy constrainedlocale damageovertime doppelgangers earth firearms flamethrowers gore grenades grotesque group humanexperiments humanmonsters hypothermia latemodernperiod metamorphosis militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters movie naturalhazards npcanxiety parasites present rating-esrb-m researchfacility savepoints serious shapeshifters suicide survivalhorror temporarycompanions thermalweapons thething unusualprotagonist voiceovers wintery
Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (Onimusha 2;鬼武者2 初回生産限定版)  Capcom (CAPCOM)2002 hackandslash onimusha rating-esrb-m
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs  Sony Computer Entertainment (Zipper Interactive)2002 kineticaengine rating-esrb-m tactical
Blade II (Blade 2)  Activision (Mucky Foot)2002 movie rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m
BloodRayne  Majesco (Terminal Reality)2002 1930s 20thcentury actionadventure aircontrol autoaim bloodrayne capturedresources cemetery combatstilettos dismemberment dodging dualwielding energyweapons fanservice femaleprotagonist firearms flood gore grotesque handguns healthdraining hybridprotagonist jigglephysics jumping lasso meatshield meleeweapons mundanedangers nazis parasites rage rating-cero-d rating-esrb-m rating-sell-16 sequence-chase shallowwater shotguns slowmotion splatter titlementioned titularcharacter unusualprotagonist vampireprotagonist vampires visionmodes walking wetland
Silent Scope 3  Konami (KCET)2002 rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-m
Reign of Fire  BAM! Entertainment (Kuju Entertainment)2002 2020s 21stcentury alternatecampaigns dragonprotagonist dragons dragons-western earth future humanprotagonist movie mythicalprotagonist rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-m tank tanks