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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (MGS3;メタルギアソリッド3 スネークイーター)  Konami (Konami Computer Entertainment Japan)2005 1960s 20thcentury aimmode alarmers alternatetimeline assaultrifles backstabbing blinding bodydragging bossbattles bossmeter camouflage cc cia cinematicinconsistencies clambering clandestine coldwar communicator corpselooting crawltunnels dartguns difficulty display-30fps distracting earth fanservice fictionallocation firearms forest handguns hunger ingamecinematics kgb knives knockdown ladders ledges machinepistols magic magic-rare magicalrealism meatshield mediums metalgear militantprotagonist militarybase nationalism nonlethalelimination nsa past postures precisionrifles psychics rating-esrb-m remotedetonators retrypoints rotting sciencefantasy scientists secrets sequence-turret shotguns smokegrenades soldiers sovietunion spectres spetsnaz stealth stungrenades superhumans torture tumbling unlimitedlives wallhugging waterfalls wilderness xrayelectrocution