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Night Trap  Sega;Tec Toy;Digital Pictures (Digital Pictures)1992 digitizedvideo launchtitle liveactors offscreenaction rating-esrb-m unattendedevents
Crime Patrol  American Laser (American Laser)1994 rating-esrb-m
Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side (Eternal Champions CD)  Sega (Sega)1994 6buttonarcadepad qsound rating-esrb-m
Corpse Killer  Digital Pictures;Acclaim? (Digital Pictures)1994 lightgun militantprotagonist rating-esrb-m undead zombies
The Space Adventure - COBRA - The Legendary Bandit (The Space Adventure;Space Adventure Cobra 2;コブラ2~伝説の男;Cobra 2: Densetsu no Otoko)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1994 interactivefiction rating-esrb-m spaceadventurecobra uvl-tiein