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Space Invaders  Atari;Sears;CCE;Polyvox (Atari)1980 alieninvasion consoleclassix cover cover-destructible difficulty fixedshooter score spaceinvadersseries
Centipede  Atari (General Computer)1982 centipede centipedes consoleclassix difficulty fixedshooter flashback2.0 flashback3.0 fleas lives score scorpions spiders
Demon Attack (Death From Above)  Imagic;CCE;Robby (Imagic)1982 consoleclassix fixedshooter gameline lives lutris score
Megamania (Ein Alptraum im Weltall;Megamania - A Space Nightmare;Space Raid)  Activision;CCE;Dynacom;Digitel;Suntek;Rainbow Vision (Activision;CCE;Dynacom;Digitel;Suntek;Rainbow Vision)1982 fixedshooter lives
Phoenix (Fire Bird)  Atari;CCE;Video Game Program;Zirok (General Computer)1982 consoleclassix fixedshooter
G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike (Action Force;GI Joe - Cobra Strike;GI Joe: Cobra Strike;G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike;Action Man - Action Force; Action Man: Action Force)  Parker Brothers (Parker Brothers)1983 3ormoreplayers consoleclassix fixedshooter gijoe paddles score toytiein
Galaxian  Atari;CCE;Digivision (General Computer)1983 consoleclassix endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives score space techinnovation
Sky Alien (Assault;Fire Birds;Sky Aliem)  Home Vision;Bomb;Gem International Corp (Home Vision;Bomb;Gem International Corp)1983 fixedshooter
World End (Laser Base;Mid-Time;Space War;War Stars;Invasion aus der Galaxis;Weltuntergang)  Home Vision;Fantastic Software;ITT Family Games (Home Vision;Fantastic Software;ITT Family Games)1983 fixedshooter
Millipede  Atari (Atari)1984 bees beetles centipede dragonflies earwigs fixedshooter flashback2.0 millipedes mosquitoes score spiders worms