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Pac-Man  Atari;Sears;CCE;Digitel (Atari)1981 difficulty instantdeath pacman pacmanlike platformbestseller score
Donkey Kong (D. Kong;Gorila Biruta;Monkey;Monkey Dong;Tokey Kong;Spider Kong)  Coleco;Zellers;Star Game;CBS Electronics;Pet Boat; (Coleco)1982 animals bludgeons cartoon consoleclassix constructionsite did donkeykong earth elevators harmfultouch instantdeath jumping ladders langinsignificant lethalobjects lives mario mario-universe powerups primates rescue score walking
Ms. Pac-Man (Miss Pack Man)  Atari;CCE;Video Game Program (General Computer)1982 apples bananas cherries claiming consoleclassix femaleprotagonist ghosts instantdeath lives oranges pacman pacmanlike pears pretzels score strawberries
Donkey Kong Jr. (Donkey Kong Junior)  Coleco;Atari;CBS Electronics;CCE;Tron (Coleco;Atari;CBS Electronics;CCE;Tron)1983 cartoon consoleclassix deadlywater donkeykong falldamage instantdeath jumppads ladders lives mario mario-universe primateprotagonist rescue score
Galaxian  Atari;CCE;Digivision (General Computer)1983 consoleclassix endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives score space techinnovation
Mario Bros.  Atari;CCE;Zirok (Atari;CCE;Zirok)1983 crabs endless instantdeath mario mario-universe score testudines
Popeye  Parker Brothers (Parker Brothers)1983 cartoon claiming comic harmfultouch instantdeath ladders lives popeye score
Red Sea Crossing Inspirational Video Concepts (Inspirational Video Concepts)1983 archers christian clams dodging entityvnatural flipscreens giantanimals giantclams harmfultouch instantdeath jumping neareast nolanguage ocean predictablenpcs redsea score seaturtles snakes walking
Star Wars: Ewok Adventure (Star Wars - Return of the Jedi: Ewok Adventure;Revenge of the Jedi - Game I)  Parker Brothers (Parker Brothers)1983 boarding bomberaircraft bombs bossbattles cancelled energyweapons flying gliding hijacking hoverbike instantdeath lives movie noconsoleclassix prototype score starwars walkers
Crystal Castles  Atari (Atari)1984 anthroprotagonist claiming instantdeath lives score ursineprotagonist walking
Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! (Frogger II: Three Deep)  Parker Brothers (Parker Brothers)1984 alligators amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist birds frog frogger froggerlike instantdeath lives score testudines timelimit underwater
Commando  Activision;Salu (Activision;Salu)1988 firearms instantdeath lives militantprotagonist runandgun score
Halo 2600 Code Mystics;AtariAge (Code Mystics;AtariAge)2010 aliens alphaland bodyarmor bossbattles difficulty firearms flipscreens handguns harmfultouch indoors instantdeath inventory joystick keys langinsignificant lives militantprotagonist music newgameplus nosaves outdoors platformreference powerups projectilelimit serious slowprojectiles title-animated unfixedbugs unlimitedammo unlockable-modes walking wintery