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Circus Atari (Circus;Seesaw;See Saw)  Atari;Sears;Zellers;Quelle (Atari)1978 circus consoleclassix flashback3.0 paddles platformreference score
Video Pinball (Arcade Pinball;Flippern;Pimball)  Atari;Sears;CCE;Zellers;Quelle (Atari)1980 consoleclassix flashback3.0 langinsignificant pinball platformreference
Atari Video Cube (Video Cube)  Atari;CCE (Atari;CCE)1982 platformreference
Edtris 2600 Hozer Video Games (Hozer Video Games)1994 homebrew platformreference
Atari Climber (Climber 5)  XYPE;Atariage;Atari (XYPE;Atariage;Atari)2004 flashback2.0 homebrew platformreference
Wolfenstein VCS Packrat Video Games (Packrat Video Games)2005 homebrew noncanon platformreference wolfenstein
Wolfenstein VCS: The Next Mission (Wolfenstein VCS 2) Packrat Video Games (Packrat Video Games)2006 homebrew noncanon platformreference wolfenstein
A-VCS-tec Challenge  AtariAge (AtariAge)2006 homebrew platformreference pyramid
Mega Man (Mega Man 2600)  i am 8-bit (i am 8-bit)2007 bbasic homebrew langinsignificant noncanon platformreference
Halo 2600 Code Mystics;AtariAge (Code Mystics;AtariAge)2010 aliens alphaland bodyarmor bossbattles difficulty firearms flipscreens handguns harmfultouch indoors instantdeath inventory joystick keys langinsignificant lives militantprotagonist music newgameplus nosaves outdoors platformreference powerups projectilelimit serious slowprojectiles title-animated unfixedbugs unlimitedammo unlockable-modes walking wintery