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Card Hunter  Blue Manchu (Blue Manchu)2013 achillesheelfoes acid adv-static amoeboids bloodless browser burning cardbased cardbattle chapterreplay charging classbased collectiblecardgame combatanimals consistentdamage damageovertime damagetypes demons dicemechanics diorama draganddrop dwarves elves enemyhealthdisplay equipmentabilities equipmentbased facing flash freemium friendlyfire gambling goblins grid grid-square hazardouspowers indie inventory knockback levelselection magic medieval meleeweapons microtransactions monsters mp-matchmaking mp-spectating mp-versus mystics namegenerator polearms postcombatrestoration randomchance sauroids singleactionturns skeletons sorcery subscription tasteofpower tooltips tutorial tutorial-interactive undead xp-deeds