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Jagged Alliance Online  gamigo;Cliffhanger Productions Software (Cliffhanger Productions Software)2012 adv-ptdistr assaultrifles bodyarmor chainreactions earth explosiveobjects facing fieldofvision firearms freemium grenades grid-hex handguns healingitems hitchance itemdurability jaggedalliance levelbasedeq machineguns naturalistic persistentminions precisionrifles present privatemilitarycompanies pve pvp reload-manual rentalservice shotguns skillbasedeq stealth steampowered submachineguns tactical timeunits tropic tutorial tutorial-forced unity-engine xp-kills
MechWarrior: Tactics (MWT) Infinite Game Publishing (Blue Lizard Games;Roadhouse Interactivees;ACRONYM Games)2013 alphastrike battletech browser cancelled criticalchance defunct dismemberment enemyhealthdisplay enemyscan energyweapons equipment-preselect eventlog facing firingarcs grid grid-hex healthvisualization hitchance injuries internaldamage laserweapons locationalhealth mecha mechwarrior mp-asynchronous pvp randomchance rockets simultaneoustargets simultaneousturns simultaneousturns-planned targetlock-multi timedturns timeunits tooltips undo unity-engine uvl-tiein vehiclecustomization walker walkers