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Wheel of Time MUD (WoTMUD) ? (?)1993 book chemistry city crafting dimensionaltravel distantfuture dualism earth future futureearth healthregen itemdurability magic meleeweapons mmog monsters mud mystics riding telnet wheeloftime wilderness
ZombieMUD ZombieMUD (ZombieMUD)1994 adv-intermediary adv-xpdistr charactercreation classbased corpselooting elementals energyregen femaleprotagonist genderchoice guild inorganics interactivepurgatory inventory itemlock magic maleprotagonist monsters mud mystics pets piecemealcreatures psychicpowers psychics respec scarring shopping specieschoice superclass telnet unarmedfighting undead undirected xp-kills zombies
Card Hunter  Blue Manchu (Blue Manchu)2013 achillesheelfoes acid adv-static amoeboids bloodless browser burning cardbased cardbattle chapterreplay charging classbased collectiblecardgame combatanimals consistentdamage damageovertime damagetypes demons dicemechanics diorama draganddrop dwarves elves enemyhealthdisplay equipmentabilities equipmentbased facing flash freemium friendlyfire gambling goblins grid grid-square hazardouspowers indie inventory knockback levelselection magic medieval meleeweapons microtransactions monsters mp-matchmaking mp-spectating mp-versus mystics namegenerator polearms postcombatrestoration randomchance sauroids singleactionturns skeletons sorcery subscription tasteofpower tooltips tutorial tutorial-interactive undead xp-deeds
jsMoria (jsMoria - Are you afraid enough?) ? (?)TBA 1life 2hmeleeweapons adv-static alcohol amoeboids amphibians ants automap axes beetles bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots capacity-stacks capacity-toolslots capacity-weight centipedes charactercreation chiroptera circadiancycle classbased containers crossbows currency dark debian digging doors doors-breakable download dragonflies dwarves ecmascript elementals elves encounters-literal encounters-random encounters-seen encounters-unseen eviloverlord explosives floatingeyes fogofwar frog fuel fungi gems genderchoice ghosts giantbeetles giantinsects giants giantscorpions gnomes golems haggling halbeards halflings harpies healingitems healthregen hobgoblins html5 humans hunger indevelopment indoors inventory invisiblefoes itempickup-auto itempickup-ignore itempickup-instant jackals javelins jewelry knives kobolds lamp lances license-gpl liches limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking magic magicrings magicweapons mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters morningstars mummies mycoids mystics naga ncurses ninja npcteleporting ogres orcs outdoors outlaws permadeath pickaxe polearms prospecting protagonistnaming quitsave racechoice randomdamage randomizedattributes reptiles resting roguelike sasquatch saveanywhere scorpions secrets secrets-invisible shields shopping skeletons slings snakes sorcery spears specieschoice stealth subterranean summoning swords teleport teleporting tilebased town traps trolls unarmedfighting undead uvl-techlimitation vampires walking warhammers weefolk whips worms wraiths xp-kills zombies