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Iron Grip: Marauders  Isotx (Isotx)2011 basebuilding boosters brigandprotagonist browser criticalchance defunct dieselpunk dirigibles excessivewaiting fogofwar free2play giantmonsters grid grid-micro grid-square healing indicator-range insectoids irongrip-series microtransactions monsters mozillaprism nofriendlyfire noreinforcements outlawprotagonist playmoderation postmissionrestoration pve pvp rating-pegi-12 recruiting repairing scavenging selectableentry shadermodel2 spiderbots suicideattackers tanks technofantasy thirdpartylogin timeunits turnbasedcombat unity-engine unlimitedammo veterancy walkers xp-kills
Wolfenstein 3D Bethesda Softworks (id Software;River Cresco)2012 armyofone browser ecmascript firearms free handguns historicallyinaccurate html5 illequipped maleprotagonist nazis noreloading pushwalls rating-pegi-12 rotaryguns secrets tilebased wolfenstein