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Critical Path  Media Vision;Mechadeus (Media Vision;Mechadeus)1993 cdrom digitizedvideo interactivemovie
Quantum Gate  Media Vision (Hyperbole Studios)1993 2040s 21stcentury cdrom digitizedvideo liveactors
Inspektor Zebok: Das Erbe (Inspector Zebok: Das Erbe)  SillyWood (SillyWood)1994 detectivemystery digitizedvideo germany investigatorprotagonist lawenforcerprotagonist
The Psychotron  The Multimedia Store (Merit Studios)1994 digitizedvideo
The Vortex: Quantum Gate 2  Hyperbole Studios (Hyperbole Studios)1994 cdrom cpu-486 digitizedvideo interactivemovie liveactors mouse
Burn:Cycle (Burncycle)  Philips (TripMedia)1995 cdrom cpu-486 cyberpunk digitizedvideo
Frankenstein: Through the Eyes of the Monster  Interplay (Amazing Media)1995 digitizedvideo drugs frankenstein liveactors madscience uvl-tiein
Live Action Football  Accolade (Accolade)1995 americanfootball digitizedvideo
The Daedalus Encounter  Virgin (Mechadeus)1995 cdrom cpu-486 digitizedvideo display-vesa femaleprotagonist interactivemovie liveactors mouse
The Last Dynasty  Sierra On-Line (Coktel Vision)1995 cdrom cpu-486 digitizedvideo space
The Dark Eye Expert Software (inSCAPE)1995 cdrom claymation digitizedvideo stopmotion thedarkeye-series
Yucatan: Das Gold der Mayas  Megadream Software (Dosch Design)1997 digitizedvideo liveactors mesoamerican-theme