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BlackJack (Black Jack for Windows)  Innovative Data Systems (Innovative Data Systems)1988 blackjack21 platformreference
Tetris for Windows  Bogus Software (Bogus Software)1989 fallingblocks platformreference score
Blackjack for Windows (WINBJ)  Skylight Software (Skylight Software)1990 blackjack21 platformreference
Bog for Windows (Bog)  Pocket-Sized Software (Pocket-Sized Software)1991 platformreference wordgame
Cipher for Windows  author (author)1991 cryptogram platformreference wordgame
Football for Windows  TSoft (TSoft)1991 americanfootball platformreference
Hangman for Windows  author (author)1991 hangman platformreference wordgame
Hearts (Hearts for Windows)  author (author)1991 heartscardgame platformreference
Warheads for Windows  author (author)1991 cpu-286 missilecommandlike platformreference score
WinAdv: Colossal Cave Adventure for Windows 3  author (author)1991 interactivefiction platformreference wordinput
Chomp (Chomp for Windows)  Neolithic Software (Neolithic Software)1992 claiming lives pacmanlike platformreference score
Cow V: The Great Egg Quest (Cow V for Windows)  Bovine Software (Bovine Software)1992 interactivefiction platformreference rural wordinput
Destroyer for Windows  author (author)1992 battleshipgame platformreference traditional
Jotto for Windows  author (author)1992 platformreference wordgame
LCHESS (Chess Champ;LCHESS for Windows)  Lokasoft (Lokasoft)1992 chess dualism forethoughtrequired grid grid-square naturalistic perfectinformation platformreference traditional
Mah Jongg for Windows  author (author)1992 platformreference shanghai
Panzerkrieg for Windows  Blue Chip Computing (Blue Chip Computing)1992 platformreference tanks wargame worldwar worldwar2
PGA Tour Golf for Windows  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1992 golf platformreference windindicator windowed
Senso for Windows  author (author)1992 platformreference simongame traditional
Tracon: Traffic Air Control Simulator (Tracon for Windows) Wesson International (Wesson International)1992 aerodyne airtrafficcontrol earth naturalistic platformreference
Caesar's Palace for Windows Virgin Games (Virgin Games)1993 platformreference
Empire Deluxe for Windows  New World Computing (White Wolf Productions)1993 grid grid-square platformreference tileblending
Siege for Windows (Siege!)  Strategic Solutions (Strategic Solutions)1993 platformreference
Super Video Poker for Windows  author (author)1993 platformreference poker videopoker
Ultima 21 Deluxe for Windows  author (author)1993 blackjack21 platformreference