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Solitaire (Microsoft Solitaire)  Microsoft (Microsoft)? impersonal packin reactos solitaire traditional win95 win98 windowed winxp
Treasure Mountain! (Super Solvers: Treasure Mountain!) The Learning Company (The Learning Company)1994 cdrom commercial license-proprietary win31 win95
3D Dinosaur Adventure Knowledge Adventure (Knowledge Adventure)1995 anaglyphic cdrom color-8bit commercial cpu-486 display-800x600 license-proprietary mouse stereoscopic win31 win95
Madeline European Adventures The Learning Company (Creative Wonders)1995 cdrom win31 win95 win98
Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol  IPC Software;Decklin's Domain (Artifact Entertainment)1995 adv-intermediary adv-undefined amoeboids antimagiczones aspectratio-auto automap axes basic bludgeons charactercreation classbased conversion creatureidentification dejenol doors femaleprotagonist genderchoice giantanimals gridmove group groupcreation guild indoors installoslimit inventory magic maleprotagonist meleeweapons minimap minions monsters multiclassing multiwindow noports safezone serious shopping skeletons sorcery specieschoice subterranean subterraneanrealm superclass swords taxonomy titularlocale undead visualbasic walking win95 windowed winnt4 xp-kills
Silent Steel Tsunami Games (Tsunami Games)1995 cdrom cpu-486dx2 ocean submarine w31 win95
The Inside World The Softgame Company of Vermont (The Softgame Company of Vermont)1995 backtracking color-8bit deathless giantbeetles giantinsects giantspiders magic meleeweapons potions saveanywhere slingshots sorcery subterranean win31 win95
The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time  Sanctuary Woods (Presto Studios)1995 2320s 24thcentury cdrom cpu-486 thejourneymanproject timetravel win95 win98
Rayman Ubi Soft (Ubi Soft)1995 dos-installer oswrap rayman unconnectedextremities win95 win98
Candy Land Adventure Playskool (Hasbro Interactive)1996 cdrom clickadventure color-8bit colorful cpu-486 display-640x480 vibrant win31 win32s win95 wingapi
Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures LucasArts (LucasArts)1996 1930s cleargame earth indianajones mapgenerator middleamerica plotgenerator rating-acb-g rating-esrb-e uvl-tiein win95
Care Bears: Care-A-Lot-Jamboree ValuSoft (ImagEngine)2003 color-8bit win95