First BattleTech Center opened1990'battletech'
First interactive Hugo TV program1990'hugo'
Human genetic engineering begun1990'biotechnology'
ISO/IEC 9899:1990 (a.k.a. C90)1990'clanguage'
Italy1990it'soccer' 'worldcup'
Judge Dredd Megazine1990'judgedredd'
Jurassic Park novel1990'dinosaurs' 'jurassicpark'
Moomin (楽しいムーミン一家) first episode 1990'moomin'
Predator 2 (film)1990'predator'
Raisins Sold Out!: The California Raisins II TV special1990'californiaraisins'
Ravenloft setting published1990'dnd' 'ravenloft'
Sherlock Holmes Museum opened1990'sherlockholmes'
Shin-chan manga started1990'crayonshinchan'
The Jungle Book film by Disney, third re-release1990'junglebook'
The New Adventures of He-Man first episode1990'motu'
X-Men author team reform1990'marvel' 'xmen'
Book 1: The Eye of the World1990-01-15'wheeloftime'
Devilman Yocho Sirène Hen OVA1990-02-25'devilman'
First episode1990-04-13jp'nadia'
DR-DOS 5.0 released1990-05'dos1' 'dos2' 'dos3' 'dos4' 'dos5' 'dos6' 'x86dos'
Win3.0 released1990-05-22'win95'
Back to the Future Part III movie1990-05-25'backtothefuture' 'hoverboard'
Gremlins 2: The New Batch movie1990-06'gremlins' 'gremlins-series'
RoboCop 2 movie1990-06'robocop'
Manga ended1990-06-25'akira'
Shin Captain Tsubasa ended1990-07'captaintsubasa'
Captain Planet and the Planeteers first episode1990-09-10'captainplanet'
Book 2: The Great Hunt1990-11-15'wheeloftime'
3D Construction Kit released1991'freescapeengine'
California Raisins figures (set 3)1991'californiaraisins'
Disney's Beauty and the Beast (film)1991'beautyandthebeast' 'disney'
Felix the Cat: The Movie (UK release)1991uk'felixthecat'
First publication1991'bone-comic'
Last OVA1991'uruseiyatsura'
Something railroady1991'train' 'trains' 'trainsimulator'
SSAA published(?)1991'antialiasing' 'ssaa'
Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie1991'terminator'
THQ tried reviving the franchise by producing Strawberry Shortcake dolls1991'strawberryshortcake'
USSR dissolved1991'coldwar' 'coldwar-ww2' 'redscare' 'sovietunion'
Watcom C 8.5 w/ DOS/4GW released1991'dosextender'
First episode1991-02-25'piratesofdarkwater'
Last episode1991-04-12jp'nadia'
Official Dissolution of the USSR1991-08-12ru'socialistprotagonist'
DR-DOS 6.0 released1991-09'dos3' 'dos4' 'dos5' 'dos6' 'x86dos'
Dark Sun setting released1991-10'darksun' 'dnd'
Book 3: The Dragon Reborn1991-10-15'wheeloftime'
The Addams Family movie1991-11-22'addamsfamily'
Gall Force: New Era (OVA)1991-12-01'gallforce'
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country1991-12-06'startrek'
2nd animated series1992'addamsfamily'
3D Construction Kit 2 released1992'freescapeengine'
Alien³ movie1992'alienmovie'
Aliens vs Predator comic1992'alienmovie' 'aliensvspredator' 'predator'
Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) film1992'evildead'
Bastard!! OVA1992'bastard'
Batman Returns1992'batman' 'dccomics'
Lawnmower Man (movie)1992'cyberpunk'
Noddy's Toyland Adventures first episode1992'noddy'
Shadowrun 2nd edition1992'shadowrun'
Sonic the Hedgehog manga first issue1992'sonic'
The Secret of Fuzzy (animated film)1992'nadia'
Transformers: Generation 2 cartoon1992'transformers'
OGL Architecture Review Board (ARB) is founded1992-01us'opengl'
OpenGL 1.01992-01'directx2' 'opengl'
Sailor Moon first Episode (TV)1992-03'magicalgirl' 'sailormoon'
Win3.1 released1992-04-06'win95'
Shin-chan anime started1992-04-13'crayonshinchan'
First Info-ZIP release1992-08'zip'
Origin Systems is acquired by Electronic Arts1992-09us'ultima'
Book 4: The Shadow Rising1992-09-15'wheeloftime'
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki (first OVA)1992-09-25jp'tenchimuyo'
X-Men: The Animated Series first episode1992-10-31'marvel' 'xmen'
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog first episode1993'sonic'
Deflate algorithm added1993'zip'
First id Tech 1 game1993'idtech1'
Kamen Rider ZO film1993'kamenrider'
Last work by Tove Jansson published1993'moomin'
The New Adventures of Captain Planet first episode1993'captainplanet'
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (first episode)1993-01-03'startrek'
Pentium released1993-03-22'cpu-286' 'cpu-386' 'cpu-486' 'cpu-pentium'
RoboCop 3 movie1993-04'robocop'
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (movie)1993-05-07'brucelee'
Last (21st) episode1993-05-23'piratesofdarkwater'
Jurassic Park film1993-06'jurassicpark'
PC/MS-DOS 6.1; development permanently diverges1993-06'dos6' 'x86dos' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie) comic first issue1993-06'sonic'
Macross II film1993-06-04'macross'
WINE released1993-07-04'compatiblewine' 'microsoftwindows'
Lua 1.0 released1993-07-28'lua'
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Animated Series1993-09'sonic'
Book 5: The Firest of Heaven1993-10-15'wheeloftime'
MKR manga started1993-11'clamp' 'magicalgirl' 'mkr'
Addams Family Values movie1993-11-19'addamsfamily'
BOGUS Linux' PMS finalised. PMS would later merge with RPP and PM1993-12'rpm'
AvP Prey (novel)1994'aliensvspredator'
BattleTech: The Animated Series1994'battletech'
BattleTech:Fallout first issue1994'battletech'
End of the first Gineiden manga series1994'gingaeiyudensetsu'
Original manga started1994'detectiveconan'
Planescape setting published1994'dnd' 'planescape'
Scooby-Doo in Arabian Nights movie1994'scoobydoo'
TLBT 2: The Great Valley Adventure1994'thelandbeforetime'
USA1994us'soccer' 'worldcup'
VBE 2.01994'display-vesa'
Z Gundam manga first issue1994'gundam'
RoboCop: The Series first episode1994-03-18'robocop'
Star Trek: The Next Generation (last episode)1994-05-23'startrek'
Macross Plus OVA1994-08-25'macross'
Highlander: The Animated Series first episode1994-09'highlander'
Officially Shipped1994-09-21wor'wingapi'
Red Hat Linux released. Used RPP, a precursor to RPM1994-10'rpm'
Book 6: Lord of Chaos1994-10-15'wheeloftime'
Macross 7 first episode1994-10-16'macross'
MKR anime started1994-10-17'clamp' 'mkr'
Captain Tsubasa - J League anime1994-10-21'captaintsubasa'
Stargate film1994-10-28'stargate'
Highlander: The Final Dimension1994-11'highlander'
Star Trek Generations1994-11-18'startrek'
No Need For Tenchi! (manga; first issue)1994-12-16jp'tenchimuyo'
Batman Forever1995'batman' 'dccomics'
Doom: Hell on Earth: a novel1995'doom'
Doom: Knee-deep in the dead: a novel1995'doom'
Dragon Ball (manga) last story1995'dragonball'
Galaxy Fraulein Yuna (OVA)1995'magicalgirl' 'yuna'
ISO-8652:1995 (Ada 95) standard1995'adalang'
Manga first issue1995'rekkanohono'
Mortal Kombat (movie)1995'mortalkombat'
Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins (movie)1995'mortalkombat'
OVA released in North America1995us'bastard'
Shadow Moon novel1995'willowseries' 'LucasArts'
The Lost World novel1995'jurassicpark'
TLBT 3: The Time of the Great Giving1995'thelandbeforetime'
Toy Story1995'armymen' 'disney' 'pixar' 'toystory' 'Disney Interactive Studios(Disney;Disney Interactive;Touchstone Studios;Disney Software;Touchstone;Disney Electronic Content)'
X-COM novel by Diane Duane1995'xcom-series'
Star Trek: Voyager (first episode)1995-01-16'startrek'
Manga first book1995-02jp'evangelion'
Lua 2.1 released1995-02-07'lua'
Tenchi Universe (anime; first episode)1995-04-02jp'tenchimuyo'
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing1995-04-07'gundam'
Win95 released1995-08-24'microsoftwindows' 'win95' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
DirectX 1.0 released1995-09'directx1' 'win95' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
RPM Package Manager made from PMS, PM, RPP, and fresh code is released with Redhat 2.01995-09-20'rpm'
First episode1995-10-04'evangelion'
DVD specifications finalized1995-12'cdrom' 'dvd'
8th Doctor1996'doctorwho'
BattleTech collectible card game1996'battletech'
Beast Wars: Transformers first episode1996'transformers'
CCS manga started1996'cardcaptorsakura' 'clamp' 'magicalgirl'
Deflate64 algorithm added1996'zip'
DirectX 2.0 released1996'direct3d-rm' 'directx1' 'directx2' 'win95' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Doom: Endgame: a novel1996'doom'
Doom: Infernal Sky: a novel1996'doom'
DOS/32 released1996'dosextender'
DVD introduced in Japan1996jp'dvd'
First Quake engine game1996'idtech1' 'quakeengine'
Handheld Tamagotchi released1996'tamagotchi'
Last manga release1996'doraemon'
Manga started1996jp'darkstalkers'
Mars Global Surveyor launched1996'mars'
Mitsuru Hongo no longer the anime director1996'crayonshinchan'
Pentium MMX introduced1996'cpu-286' 'cpu-386' 'cpu-486' 'cpu-pentium'
Shadow Dawn novel1996'willowseries'
Star Control: Interbellum novel1996'starcontrol'
Tales of Byston Well: Garzey's Wing (OVA)1996jp'aurabattlerdunbine'
The Tetris Company founded1996'tetris'
TLBT 4: Journey Through the Mists1996'thelandbeforetime'
Fourth anime's first episode1996-01-07jp'gegegenokitaro'
Anime started1996-01-08'detectiveconan'
Dragon Ball Z (anime) last episode1996-01-31'dragonball'
Dragon Ball GT (anime) first episode1996-02-07'dragonball'
Last episode1996-03-27'evangelion'
Book 7: A Crown of Swords1996-05-15'wheeloftime'
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie OVA1996-05-31jp'sonic'
NT4 released1996-07-29'win98' 'winnt4' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Book #1: A Game of Thrones1996-08'asongoficeandfire'
VBE/AF (accelerator functions)1996-08'display-vesa'
Wing Commander Academy first episode1996-09'wingcommander'
DirectX 3 released1996-09-15'direct3d-rm' 'directx2' 'directx3' 'win95' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Defenders of the Realm first episode1996-09-21'mortalkombat'
Gall Force: The Revolution (OVA)1996-10-02'gallforce'
Star Trek: First Contact1996-11-22'startrek'
Wing Commander Academy last episode1996-12'wingcommander'
1st season on The WB1997'buffy'
Alien: Resurrection movie1997'alienmovie' 'aliensvspredator'
Batman & Robin1997'batman' 'dccomics'
Biohazard: The Beginning (novel)1997jp'residentevil'
First mammal clone (Dolly the Sheep)1997'clonetechnology'
id Tech 1 source code released under custom license1997'idtech1'
Men in Black (film)1997'meninblack-series'
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (movie)1997'mortalkombat'
Quantum technology defined1997'quantumphysics'
RPG Maker 95 released1997'rpgmaker'
Saiyuki (幻想魔伝最遊記) manga1997jp'xiyouji'
Shadowrun: The Trading Card Game1997'shadowrun'
The Lost World: Jurassic Park film1997'jurassicpark'
TLBT 5: The Mysterious Island1997'thelandbeforetime'
X-COM novel by Vladimir Vasilyev1997'xcom-series'
OpenGL 1.11997-01'opengl'
Sailor Moon last episode (TV)1997-02'magicalgirl' 'sailormoon'
MAME first release by Nicola Salmoria (0.1)1997-02-05'mame'
DVD introduced in USA1997-03us'dvd'
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - first episode1997-03-10'buffyverse'
Vampire Hunter OVA1997-03-21jp'darkstalkers'
Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper1997-04-19'detectiveconan'
Mirko Buffoni takes over from Nicola as MAME coordinator (0.19)1997-04-26'mame'
Battle Athletes OVA1997-05-25'battleathletes'
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (book)1997-06-26'harrypotter'
Anime first episode1997-07'rekkanohono'
Lua 3.0 released1997-07-01'lua'
DirectX 5 released1997-07-16'directx3' 'directx5' 'win95' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Stargate SG-1 first episode1997-07-27'stargate'
One Piece (manga) first story1997-08-04'onepiece'
Nicola returns as MAME coordinator (0.27)1997-08-10'mame'
Men in Black: The Series (cartoon, first episode)1997-10'meninblack-series'
Battle Athletes Victory series1997-10-03'battleathletes'
Starship Troopers film by Paul Verhoeven1997-11-07'starshiptroopers'
Dragon Ball GT (anime) last episode1997-11-19'dragonball'
Tomorrow Never Dies1997-12'007'
First id Tech 2 game1997-12-09'idtech2' 'quakeengine'
Macross Dynamite 7 first episode1997-12-18'macross'
Tournament of the Gods: Title Match OVA1997-12-19jp'toushintoshi-series'
A Bug's Life1998'pixar'
Aeon of Strife (AOS) StarCraft custom map released1998'moba'
Crimson Skies: A Game of Aerial Combat board game1998'crimsonskies'
Daily Star strip ceased1998'judgedredd'
DVD introduced in Europe/Australia1998'dvd'
DVD release of the 1982 film1998'thething'
France1998fr'soccer' 'worldcup'
Initial release1998'sdl'
Integrated support in Windows OSes1998'zip'
International Space Station launched1998'spaceage' 'spacestation'
IPv6 standardized1998'tcpip'
ISO/IEC 14882:1998 (C++98)1998'cpplanguage'
Shadowrun 3rd edition1998'shadowrun'
The New Addams Family started1998'addamsfamily'
The Redhat team offically says RPM is mature and is RL's offical package manager1998'rpm'
TLBT 6: The Secret of Saurus Rock1998'thelandbeforetime'
VBE 3.01998'display-vesa'
FreeDOS released1998-01-12'x86dos'
ReactOS development started1998-02'microsoftwindows' 'reactos'
Atari name and assets sold to Hasbro Interactive1998-03'Atari(Atari Games;Atari Europe S.A.S.U.;Atari Europe)'
OpenGL 1.21998-03-18'opengl'
CCS anime started1998-04-07'cardcaptorsakura' 'clamp' 'magicalgirl'
Gimp Toolkit 1.0 released1998-04-14'gtk'
Windows 98 released1998-06-25'microsoftwindows' 'win95' 'win98' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Anime last episode1998-07'rekkanohono'
EAX 2.01998-08'eax' 'eax1' 'eax2' 'eax3'
DirectX 6 released1998-08-07'directx5' 'directx6' 'glide3d' 's3texturecompression' 'win95' 'win98' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Hasbro acquired the X-COM IP1998-08-19'xcom-series'
Development started1998-09'vorbis'
RoboCop: Alpha Commando first episode1998-09-07'robocop'
Addams Family Reunion movie1998-09-22'addamsfamily'
Antz (film)1998-10'dreamworks'
Mortal Kombat: Conquest first episode1998-10-03'mortalkombat'
OpenGL 1.2.11998-10-14'directx6' 'opengl'
Book 8: The Path of Daggers1998-10-20'wheeloftime'
First human hybrid clone1998-11'clonetechnology'
Powerpuff Girls first episode1998-11-18'magicalgirl' 'powerpuffgirls'
The Prince of Egypt (film)1998-12'dreamworks'
Star Trek: Insurrection1998-12-11'startrek'
alien test1999
Beast Wars: Transformers last episode1999'transformers'
First CPU (P3) with SSE1 introduced1999'x86-sse'
Glide API made open source, Voodoo card specs released1999'glide3d'
id Tech 1 source code released under GNU GPL license1999'idtech1'
ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (a.k.a. C99)1999'clanguage'
Medarot anime1999'medarot'
MSAA published(?)1999'msaa'
Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost movie1999'scoobydoo'
Spicy Air Tales book1999'crimsonskies'
The Avengers: United They Stand (cartoon)1999'marvel' 'marvelavengers'
Toy Story 21999'armymen' 'pixar' 'toystory'
Transformers At The Moon fansite launched1999'transformers'
Wing Commander (film)1999'wingcommander'
Book #2: A Clash of Kings1999-02'asongoficeandfire'
The Matrix (movie)1999-03-31'cyberpunk' 'matrix'
Turn A Gundam1999-04-09'gundam'
Detective Conan: The Last Wizard of the Century movie1999-04-17'detectiveconan'
Windows 98SE released1999-05-05'win98' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace1999-05-19'starwars' 'LucasArts'
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (last episode)1999-06-02'startrek'
Angelic Layer manga1999-07-01'clamp'
Lua 3.2 released1999-07-08'lua'
Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie1999-08-21'cardcaptorsakura'
DirectX 7 released1999-09-22'directx6' 'directx7' 'win2k' 'win95' 'win98' 'Microsoft(Microsoft Games Studios)'
Angel spin-off series started1999-10'buffy'
One Piece (anime) first episode1999-10-20'onepiece'
Naruto Manga first book1999-11'naruto'
The World Is Not Enough 1999-11'007'
First id Tech 3 game1999-12-02'idtech2' 'idtech3'
Quake engine source released under GNU GPL license1999-12-21'quakeengine'