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SaGa Frontier

a.k.a. サガ フロンティア

published by Square / SCEA in 1997-07, developed by Square, running on PlayStation
type: role-play
genre: Fantasy
series: SaGa
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Official descriptions (2)
Get seven adventures for the price of one with SAGA FRONTIER. The Free Scenario System allows you pick a character and go on an adventure. When that characters story is completed, you can move on to another one. All of the quests intersect at various points and take place in the same world, so you never know whom you're going to run into. Are these seven stories coincidences, or is there a single sinister source to all of the events in SAGA FRONTIER?
# 2013-11-28 18:16:56 - official description
SaGa Frontier 2 takes place in a world filled with mystery and magic. One of the most striking differences between SaGa Frontier 2 and other role-playing games is in its graphics. Instead of using computer modeled landscapes and characters, SaGa Frontier 2 features hand drawn characters and backgrounds. This helps enhance the mythical feel to the game. Throughout the SaGa Frontier 2, you'll be able to travel with a party of characters and use magic and special weapons to get you through your quest.
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-18 01:06:00 - official description
From official site:

"SaGa Frontier is the fourth and latest extension of the popular Romancing SaGa series. With its rich and deeply textured 3D environments and its Free Scenario System from the previous Romancing SaGa titles, SaGa Frontier provides players with a great deal of freedom when choosing their own paths of exploration and discovery.

In the vast SaGa Frontier world, you will have a chance to explore over 30 regions, all of which are individual worlds existing in different time eras. The game features a large cast of main and sub-characters from many diverse and unique regions. They include humans, monsters, an unearthed robot and more. The player will have the option to choose from seven main characters for their story to focus on.

The outcome of the game will depend on the character chosen - different events and stories with different characters even in the same region - the replay value of the game in that sense is tremendous. Up to 15 members can be in your party; it is up to you on which of those will join the fight against the enemies.

Other features of this game include graphics rendered in rich 3D polygons, superior sound and music produced by the musician of the original Romancing SaGa team."
# 2002-11-30 01:05:32
Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff
Akitoshi Kawazu
video game
External reviews (4) - average: 77.3% - median: 77%
review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
Consoles + (1-155)fr761998-0585/10085%
Joypad 1-72fr671997-0984/10084%
Joypad 73-222fr751998-057/1070%
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SaGa Frontier in-game screen.
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SaGa Frontier (PlayStation)
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