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Video game concept, first seen in 1992

Lacks character classes or similar specializations that lock out a large portion of possible skill, ability, or similar choices.

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Site news

UVL 2021 (2021-08-08)

In these days I've been working on updating UVL to Bootstrap5, with the objective of making the site code easier to maintain, with more modern and less bloated code (no jQuery, for example).
The style will be almost identical to the 2019 generation, with improvements where needed. The menu will be a classic off-canvas menu (sliding from left)
While doing this I'm also updating the to a faster and more secure way to query the DB (already done for many pages)

As you may have noticed there are three "generations" for the UVL pages:

  • The ones updated in 2019 (i.e the homepage and the main search page)
  • The 2015-2017 pages (most pages, i.e. the game info page, group, companies, etc.)
  • The pre-2015 pages (some editors-only pages, even some broken pages like the cropping tool ...)

    I'm starting mainly with the oldest, they really need to be updated, this will make us editors life easier :-)
    To keep track of compatibility issues and find the best solutions, I'm also working in parallel other generation pages.

    the current situation is therefore this:

  • https://www.uvlist.net/me/ is 99% ready, it was the easiest to do, so a good testing bed. This is also the only "public page" for these updates
  • All the editors "logs" pages (middle generation), 90% ready
  • Editors image browser (middle generation) 75% ready, this made me search for a new lightbox as the previous used jQuery.
  • Image cropper and image editing tools (description, characters, etc) 50% done so far.

    Then I'll update the game info page, as said before this is the most complex page of all the site as it manages every possible data, and ha a lot of editors-only features too.

    I will release the pages as they are ready, and will update this thread to keep you updated.
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