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Twitch shooter

Game genre, first seen in 1993

Shooters characterized by overall fast-paced action (auto-run and no stamina system), no cover system, and favors strafing, jumping and constant movement to dodge bullets and enemy attacks.

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January 2020 updates (2020-01-07)

The migration to the new server was finally completed, updating from PHP 5.6 to 7.2 needed quite a lot of work, but this new PHP is quite faster, and forced me to write better code!
With the new PHP is now possible to support the recent image formats, better handling of structured data (useful for search engines) and other stuff that I'm discovering in these days.
Most of the recent work was done "underground" so not much is visible, but there are visible fixes in most areas.

May updates (2019-05-16)

Just released the new search page, now accessible via an orange link on the right side of the usual search page.
All the features are kept but should be easier to hide/show features.
Also, in the platform selector you can type to filter the platforms list, and typing a brand, i.e. sony, will show all PlayStation models.
If no issues arise, it will shortly replace the old page.

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