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New timeline chart (2020-06-27)

It took a while, but there is a new date-related chart.
You ca see it in groups, like the Marvel Universe in the "by year" section.

Before, I was using an old Google service that created a PNG based on the submitted data, but it is now deprecated and will disappear soon, so I gad to replace it.
So many times I looked at alternatives, tested various libraries, and finally decided that they were not good enough (for being too heavy, slow, not enough options, etc.) , and then procrastinate.

Recently at work I've played a lot with SVG, and one day I decided to try to make a full working chart from scratch.
I wanted it to load along with page instead of having some JavaScript building it later (as would have done any JS chart library) so I made a PHP class that builds a SVG and adds some JavaScript just to make it interactive.

It is fast, responsive (and fills all the available space while keeping readable) has a tooltip to inspect every data point. ( even more useful with groups comparison ), there are the usual event annotations, that now can go over the A-Z range.

I'd like to make it more interactive, with the ability to hide/show/highlight series. This will be the next step.