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Alternate campaigns

Video game concept, first seen in 1986

Offers different storyline depending on which character or faction the player chooses, each with a different ending.

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A simple search tip (2020-04-11)

When using the global search (the input on the top of most pages) it is possible to limit the search to a specific platform.
For example, to search for "space" only on Playstation games, just type

space (ps)

Or any "miner" game on the ZX Spectrum:


If you are wondering what is the correct code for a specific platform, UVL supports many common variations for each platform, so for the Playstation the following is acceptable:


You know it fails when the result shows more than one platform.

March 2020 update (2020-03-29)

- Fixed an issue when searching games using kanji and other non-ascii characters.
- Direct link to group comparison between related groups. (for example head here CPS1 hardware) and look at the related groups card.
- Added an editor helper (links for quick edits in the yellow box in the game info page) for racing and fighting games.
- Fixed the map for geographic locations. Groups need to be children of city, country or continent to display the map.
- Improved the game gallery to have the images grouped by type, and displayed maintaining the correct aspect ratio, so not anymore cropped cover images, any NDS screen and so on. Except for three-screen wide games like Darius arcade, in that case it is cropped to 16:9 ratio.

Good luck with the virus, I hope you all are getting well.

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