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Boss rush

Video game concept, first seen in 1985

Features at least one battle or mode where the player must face multiple bosses back-to-back without interruption.

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Site news

March(ish) updates (2024-04-11)

Some updates I've made in the last month that you my have noticed.

- Game editing checkboxes are now easyer to click
- More data-checking when editing a game
- Link to gamingHistory in game info page
- Tag cloud links now lead to a search page for that criteria (before it was just the group page)
- Added the related companies in group pages
- Added Kazakhstan to the company listings
- Events can now be of type "item" (i.e. for physical games) and "politics" (political events i.e. ... war)

UI fixes
- Fonts tweaks
- Upgrade to bootstrap 5.3.3 for the pages relying to it
- Styles fixes for cards and offcanvas menu
- Logs pages now follow the navigation "guidelines"
- Radar chart layout fix

- Removed invalid groups and companies from DB

Layout updates and minor fixes. (2024-03-09)

I've upgraded the Whats-up and Dashboard page to the most recent layout, along with some minor improvements, overall clean-up and some security fixes.
Please let me know if any page is not behaving as it should.

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