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Mortal Kombat

Video game serie, first seen in 1992

Famous fighting game series where the characters are digitized (from real actors) instead of simply drawn.

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Site news

End of january updates (2019-01-26)

- Added some more platform images
- Improved order of games in platform gallery to have more realistic results.
- Lazyloading of images to improve page speed, so far only in the homepage, will be added to all the other pages.
- Fixed job parsing issues when entering people/jobs

Recent updates (2019-01-06)

Some things done in the last month...

- Added a new "video game concept" box in homepage. These groups need a proper description to appear there, so in the users page (Editing ideas section) there is a list of popular groups that need to be fixed.
- More work aimed at finally converting gametypes to tags.
- Much improved caching system, now testing with the groups pages. Will be uncommon to find a slow loading page even with groups with many games.
- Added PS5 and new XboxTwo in the hardware section just to get ready.
- Revisited the structured data in some pages to get some love from search engines.
- Added some images for platforms.
- Layout fixes.

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