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Successful migration to HTTPS
posted 3 days and 7 hours ago
A couple of days ago, UVL has been successfully migrated from http to https. So far no major issues are known. But if anything seems to be broken because of that and needs to be fixed, drop us a line here.

More platform changes and additions
posted 11/19/16
Several new Unix related platforms were added (Unix, BSD, Solaris, Minix). The games were formerly placed under the Linux platform. Migration of these games to the new platforms is in progress. The Nascom computer-kit and the Coleco Adam were also newly added to the list of platforms.

Several new platforms added
posted 11/04/16
Some new platforms were added to the database. Actually the majority of them are "old" platforms.
- Exidy Sorcerer (1978)
- Camputers Lynx (1983)
- Memotech MTX (1983)
- Tatung Einstein (1984)
- Amstrad PCW (1985)
- NeXTSTEP (1989)
- Ouya (2013)
- Nintendo Switch (2017)

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Other news

Khronos Announces VR Standards Initiative
posted 12/07/16
Khronos is the industry club that maintains things such as OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan. A short while ago, Razer joined Khronos which surprised many. Seems they expected this from Khronos. Well, major players are onboard. This may be John Carmack's chance to un****over all the Linux users that invested money in Oculus, and he doesn't even seem upset by this prospect. Valve, AMD, Epic Games, Intel, NVIDIA, and of course Razor are also pleased.
source: www.khronos.org

FORE SALE: Interplay content, copyrights, trademarks, etc...
posted 11/27/16
All this could be yours: Interplay
Contact Joe Morgan at Wedbush Securities <[email protected]> make an offer.

source: globenewswire.com

Nintendo makes Linux games!
posted 11/06/16
The day has arrived, sort of. Nintendo has been public about there preference for Open Source software as a consumer but silent about their using it as a developer. Well, fire up you NES Classic console and browse to the Legal Notices, IP Notice, Open Source Software and BAM! https://twitter.com/derrekr6/status/794585949195960320
There it is, the NES Classic is a Linux box!

Technically, Nintendo has now published 39 Linux games. Their number of Linux games published puts them in 3rd place (behind Night Dive Studios and Choice of Games).
source: arstechnica.com