For gamers

What games were recently added ?

A: In the search page just order the results by reverse ID, and it will show all the games, starting from the latest added.

How many platforms are there?

A: Right now there are 206 platforms.
Here is the full list.

Can I search for a game that ...

A: Maybe, we are heavily tagging all the games, so you have good chances to find your game.

I have a great idea to improve this site!

A: Cool, let's discuss this in the forum!

I'm looking for a game, but I don't remember much about it.

A: Do you remember where it was located? (I know, it is a long list...)

For collectors

Is it possible to manage my video games collection?

A: Yes, you can mark the games you want or already own.
Also the ones you are playing, like, have played or even finished.

I can't find my game!

A: Take a look at the advanced options of the search page, there are quite a lot of attributes to dig.

Can I export my games list ?

A: Yes, you can export your lists in CSV, XML and YAML.
We can add some other popular format if you need.

For editors

Can I be an editor ?

A: Sure!

I'm not sure how to ...

A: Just ask on the forum, the other editors will be happy to help.