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Various list of elements that coud be improved, ranked by popularity:

games with missing description

games with missing screenshot

companies to improve

Chillingo UK - 160 games
Starcraft JP - 148 games
Sony Computer Entertainment America US - 114 games
Epoch  - 111 games
Apple Computers  - 110 games
Digital Eclipse 1992 - 107 games
Keypunch Software US - 107 games
Robtek  - 105 games
Dynacomp  - 104 games
Hi-Tech Expressions 1988 - 1995103 games

groups that need a proper description

Locational damage too short
OBSOLETE - UVL: Multiple releases too short
Crossover too short
Non-linear gameplay too short
Walking armory too short
Paranormal too short
Card battle too short
Target lock too short
Line-of-sight too short
Kinetic novel too short