Skip non-interactive

Video game concept

Allows skipping non-interactive sections, from videos to narrative to simple dialogs.


The first video game about Skip non-interactive was released on September 2, 1999.

Capcom, Electronic Arts and Square Enix has published most of these games

Despite being such a simple feature and important for making replayability better for most people, ability to skip non-interactive sections is commonly missing.

Smartly designed games automatically skip trivial non-interactive sequences (such as take-off and landing cutscenes) after the first time, but that is even rarer than allowing the player to skip any they wish.

From design point of view, this is partially understandable that they do not wish the player to miss out on something, but that's easy to fix by introducing short delay in which the non-interactive part can't be skipped (less than a second), removing the chance of accidental skipping if there are no buttons suitably disused to serve as the skip button (mostly an issue with consoles). Or alternatively more complex sequences required to skip them, such as opening a menu (via esc, start button, etc.) and selecting skip movie.

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