Top 30 groups.

ScorePlayer is given a score on their performance. Often an integral part of gameplay, such as the main goal.1971 / 202315694 games
Media: DownloadFull game legally distributed as digital download.1982 / 202314544 games
Proprietary licenseDistributed under a license that witholds and/or restricts source code & rights granted by law, usually for commercial purposes & is almost always unique per game1970 / 202213325 games
CommercialA notably commercial product despite copyrights (or lack thereof) and/or licensing agreements (or lack thereof) that many perceive as incompatible with commercial sales.1970 / 202212436 games
Extra livesPlayer character has multiple "lives", that are basically how many tries a player has before a Game Over.1975 / 20239028 games
Available on SteamAvailable on the digital distribution (and by extension social networking service) by Valve.1987 / 20238775 games
Ubuntu LinuxComes with/Installs very simply on Ubuntu.1988 / 20227215 games
IndieDeveloped without financial backing from large companies or non-private investors. Shares similar design philosophies as art games, but on gameplay rather than artistic value. Often self-published as well.1983 / 20225675 games
Planet EarthAll or part of the story takes place on Earth of the Sol star system.1970 / 20215259 games
Available on Itch.io1983 / 20225071 games
Media: 5¼ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 5¼ inch magnetic floppy disks.1976 / 20224440 games
Word inputPlayer controls the game or part of the game by typing in text in some form. Could be simple commands or whole sentences.1970 / 20214415 games
Interactive fictionA type of adventure game where the game world and player input is described using text. Such as "You are in a hallway. There is a key on the floor", ">get key", ">use silver key on door", ">turn valve", ">say hello", etc..1971 / 20224382 games
KeyboardRequires or supports any type of a keyboard type controller.1970 / 20224181 games
NaturalisticNot necessarily realistic. Has nothing overtly fantastic, be it magical, paranormal, psychic, mystic, super powers, technomagic, nor magical technology.1970 / 20214163 games
WalkingPlayer can or must move about on foot, regardless of speed.1977 / 20214050 games
GridUses a grid of any shape or type.1972 / 20233574 games
Console ClassixAvailable to play at Console Classix1977 / 20113511 games
Visual novelSug-genre of adventure games. Easily confusable with dating sims with which visual novels share their outward appearance, but the emphasis is on non-gamelike elements and the lack of use of statistics or other numerical data.1973 / 20233482 games
Traditional gameVideo game adaptation of a traditional game. Also when uses real traditional gaming materials.1970 / 20233151 games
MagicFeatures anything definitely magical or strange mystic powers.1974 / 20233113 games
Female protagonistPlayer controls apparently female character.1974 / 20223078 games (12 characters)
Emulated on MAMEAn Arcade games emulator available for almost any platform. (clones and bootlegs are merged to the parent)1971 / 20163069 games
MonstersIncludes any kind of creatures with terrifying or otherwise horribly deformed/repulsive (monstrous) appearance, regardless if their personality matches this. Commonly assumed to be mindless savages.1974 / 20233059 games
Media: cassette tapeComes on a magnetic audio tape.1975 / 20222947 games
UVL maintenance: ConfusableAny games that can be easily confused with another game by same or similar name on same or related platform.1970 / 20212897 games
Rectangular gridUses an ordinary grid of 4 sided convex shapes (rectangles, squares, etc.).1973 / 20232738 games
FutureSet in the future, as seen from the point of the game's release.1971 / 20222708 games
Mêlée weaponsPlayer can use non-projectile weapons which require both the user and the target to be in direct contact with them.1978 / 20222575 games
Time limitImposes a time limit on either the whole game or for each level.1971 / 20222525 games