Top 30 groups.

ScorePlayer is given a score on their performance. Often an integral part of gameplay, such as the main goal.1971 / 202214664 games
Media: DownloadFull game legally distributed as digital download.1982 / 202214500 games
Proprietary licenseDistributed under a license that witholds and/or restricts source code & rights granted by law, usually for commercial purposes & is almost always unique per game1970 / 202213302 games
CommercialA notably commercial product despite copyrights (or lack thereof) and/or licensing agreements (or lack thereof) that many perceive as incompatible with commercial sales.1970 / 202212421 games
Available on SteamAvailable on the digital distribution (and by extension social networking service) by Valve.1987 / 20228606 games
Extra livesPlayer character has multiple "lives", that are basically how many tries a player has before a Game Over.1975 / 20228571 games
Ubuntu LinuxComes with/Installs very simply on Ubuntu.1991 / 20227191 games
IndieDeveloped without financial backing from large companies or non-private investors. Shares similar design philosophies as art games, but on gameplay rather than artistic value. Often self-published as well.1983 / 20215651 games
Planet EarthAll or part of the story takes place on Earth of the Sol star system.1970 / 20215345 games
Available on Itch.io1983 / 20225069 games
Media: 5¼ inch floppy diskComes on one or more 5¼ inch magnetic floppy disks.1976 / 20224441 games
NaturalisticNot necessarily realistic. Has nothing overtly fantastic, be it magical, paranormal, psychic, mystic, super powers, technomagic, nor magical technology.1970 / 20214235 games
Interactive fictionA type of adventure game where the game world and player input is described using text. Such as "You are in a hallway. There is a key on the floor", ">get key", ">use silver key on door", ">turn valve", ">say hello", etc..1975 / 20224220 games
KeyboardRequires or supports any type of a keyboard type controller.1970 / 20224159 games
WalkingPlayer can or must move about on foot, regardless of speed.1977 / 20214042 games
Word inputPlayer controls the game or part of the game by typing in sometime full or partial sentences that are interpreted as commands. Very often the two word, NOUN VERB, format was used.1972 / 20214033 games
GridUses a grid of any shape or type.1973 / 20223556 games
Console ClassixAvailable to play at Console Classix1977 / 20113513 games
Visual novelSug-genre of adventure games. Easily confusable with dating sims with which visual novels share their outward appearance, but the emphasis is on non-gamelike elements and the lack of use of statistics or other numerical data.1983 / 20223470 games
MagicFeatures anything definitely magical or strange mystic powers.1974 / 20223104 games
MonstersIncludes any kind of creatures with terrifying or otherwise horribly deformed/repulsive (monstrous) appearance, regardless if their personality matches this. Commonly assumed to be mindless savages.1974 / 20223044 games
Emulated on MAMEAn Arcade games emulator available for almost any platform. (clones and bootlegs are merged to the parent)1971 / 20163041 games
Female protagonistPlayer controls apparently female character.1974 / 20222957 games (12 characters)
Media: cassette tapeComes on a magnetic audio tape.1976 / 20222932 games
UVL maintenance: ConfusableAny games that can be easily confused with another game by same or similar name on same or related platform.1970 / 20212837 games
Rectangular gridUses an ordinary grid of 4 sided convex shapes (rectangles, squares, etc.).1973 / 20222724 games
FutureSet in the future, as seen from the point of the game's release.1971 / 20222689 games
Traditional gameVideo game adaptation of a traditional game. Also when uses real traditional gaming materials.1974 / 20212642 games
Mêlée weaponsPlayer can use non-projectile weapons which require both the user and the target to be in direct contact with them.1978 / 20222568 games
Time limitImposes a time limit on either the whole game or for each level.1971 / 20222503 games