Traditional game

Video game theme

Video game adaptation of a traditional game. Also when uses real traditional gaming materials.


The first video game about Traditional game was released in 1947.

Leisure Genius, Domark and Commodore has published most of these games

To farther describe games of this type, see the list of traditional games.

Child groups

Miniature game, Boardgame Tie-in, Tangram


MS-DOS 320
Linux 240
Mac OS Classic 124
Windows 96
C64 94
Amiga 76
BeOS 75
ZX Spectrum 68
OS/2 57
Win3.1 52
Atari ST 52
Amstrad CPC 46
PS 45
Commodore PET 43
NES 43
DEC PDP-1 35
Apple II E 31
GB 30
NeXT 30
GBC 27
BSD 24
MSX 23
Atari 400/800 22
Atom 21
Oric 21
HP-41 19
C16/Plus4 18
PS2 18
Tandy Coco 16
Saturn 15

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