Hit chance

Video game concept

Ability to connect hits, punches, sword strikes, etc. are based on random chance. Either pure random chance or random chance based on skills, attributes, buffs, and such. Not including hit/miss chance based on target's dodge chance.


Alternate name: Miss chance

The first video game about Hit chance was released in 1992.

2K Games, Beamdog and Atari has published most of these games

See also: dodge chance
Often creates a comical effect where a character swings wildly at another character but none of the hits connect despite slicing through them.

Although dodge chance may seem identical to hit/miss chance (as in freely interchangeable), one can assume that dodge chance is generally low and those that have it high are rare individuals. This also makes it that late game characters are more likely to dodge than early ones, thus player doesn't early in the game miss a lot because of dodge masters or similar as low hit chance in other games would imply.

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Random chance

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Guaranteed hits

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