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Imitates the old Rogue's style, a subgenre characterized by a turn-based dungeon crawl through procedurally generated levels.

Editor/usage note: Due to rampant misuse of the genre name in recent years to simply refer to procedurally generated maps combined with permadeath, it is advisable to avoid using this tag unless you're absolutely certain the game actually is a roguelike.
Major examples of the genre are ADOM, Angband, Crawl, Nethack, and Rogue.

Major traits: (what all roguelikes are expected to have)
* Procedurally generated maps
* Permanent death
* Turn-based or close to such
* ASCII or tile-based graphics
* Anti-save scumming
* Non-linear
* Inventory

Minor traits:
* Open world (and thus exploration)
* Ability to go anywhere, including back to the game start.
* No objective markers, likely no objectives at all
* Procedural item generation
* NPC inventories
* Elements of RPGs
* Sandbox
* Randomized effects for certain things (e.g. red potion is not healing potion just because it's red, healing potion might be yellow instead with the red one being potion of petrification)

Games should not be tagged with roguelike just because the developer advertises it as roguelike (or being influenced by roguelikes). There's a recent surge of games that draw inspiration from roguelikes (mainly procedural map generator) and call themselves roguelikes with nary any similarity with actual roguelikes. Going away from ASCII or tile-based graphics should make other features of roguelike much more mandatory and in greater numbers for them to qualify (as they diverge from what roguelike is and become something that would rather be roguelike-like [note doubling of like]). Generally dungeon crawler with map generator is not roguelike.

The first Roguelike video game was released in 1975.

Gruesome Games, ASP Software and Epyx published most of these games.

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