Game genre concept

A genre characterized with players ability to do pretty much whatever they want, often with construction/crafting options with little to no challenges (by default). Likely also employs open world design.


The first video game about Sandbox was released on September 1, 1997.

Feral Interactive, Mojang and Chucklefish has published most of these games

See also: sandbox mode (when this occurs in limited manner),

See also: (genres that have many similarities)
* 4X strategy
* City building
* God game

* Undirected
* Open world

Optional traits:
* Building construction/destruction
* Extensive crafting
* Deformable terrain and/or terrain destruction
This genre is often confused with open world design due to it being an extremely common feature in sandbox games.

Unlike other open world games, sandbox games usually give the player free reign to do whatever they want but much more down to earth limitations as opposed to god games which also are very similar in concept.

Difference being mainly that open world refers to level design, sandbox refers to gameplay (compare real sandbox and the city you live in).

As the name suggests, these often have no ultimate goal or victory condition built-in.