God game

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Strategy sub-genre where the player controls the game on large scale, often acting as a god of some sort or with no specific character, where player attempts to interact with and influence a number of autonomous individuals.


The first video game about God game was released in 1981.

Electronic Arts, Kalypso Media Digital and ELECTROLYTE has published most of these games

* Godling protagonist
* City building – likely has minor traits of city building games, usually in form of building monuments, totems, or similar.
* Sandbox – most god games can be presumed to be sandbox games or have sandbox mode
Despite the genre name, the player does not always assume the role of anything nor does he always have followers of any kind. The player simply is given close to omnipotent powers (or seemingly so) that they're to toy with.

* No direct minion control
* Terraforming or otherwise altering the environment in significant gameplay impacting ways. Either directly or via influencing other beings (minions, followers, etc.).

Likely traits:
* Followers (religious ones) who worship the protagonist

Unlikely traits:
* Protagonist actually appears in the gameworld as a regular entity

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Dungeon Keeper-like

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City-building, Sandbox
Godling protagonist

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