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Populous  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1990 addons collective godgame gog naturaldisasters populous
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1991 collective godgame gog grecoroman grecoromanmythology populous
Mega lo Mania (Mega-Lo-Mania)  Image Works (Sensible Software)1992 acrossages godgame premadecharacters resourceharvesting upgradesystem
Afterlife (Afterlife: Chaos im Jenseits)  LucasArts (LucasArts)1996 afterlife cdrom fourhorsemen godgame underworld
Dungeon Keeper  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog Productions)1997 antiheroprotagonist basebuilding blankprotagonist builders buildingdesigning cdrom chickens clanguage construction-instant corpseharvesting demons dialup digging doors doors-breakable dosextender dualism dungeon dungeonkeeper evilisgood expenses-instant finiteresources friendlyfire friendlyfire-purposeful ghosts giantinsects goblins godgame gog goodvsevil harvesters heroes humor-dark indirectcontrol infighting lutris magic magiccarpet-engine malevolentprotagonist mediaindrive missionbased monsters npcbodydragging resourceharvesting sorcery stockpiles subterranean trapping undead unseenprotagonist veterancy workers zoning